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California Car Insurance

With the population of California steadily increasing, it means that more people are operating motor vehicles. For this reason alone, it is essential for residents to carry adequate California car insurance coverage. makes finding cheap car insurance quotes online fast and easy for Californians. After entering their Zip code and then answering a few general questions regarding their driving history, will search the Internet for low cost California car insurance quotes from reputable companies. And the entire process takes less than five minutes.

California Minimums

To help ensure that California residents are well protected in the unfortunate event that they are involved in an automobile collision, the state of California requires that all motor vehicles carry a minimum amount of liability insurance. Currently, the minimum liability requirements are 15/30/5. These numbers represent the minimum amounts, in thousands, of bodily injury liability and property damage liability each driver must maintain.

• Bodily Injury Liability- The first two numbers represent the minimum bodily injury liability coverage for motorists. Bodily injury liability pays for the medical expenses of the persons in the other vehicle; $15,000 for a single person with a maximum of $30,000 if there is more than one person injured.

• Property Damage Liability- Property damage liability insurance pays for damage to buildings, traffic signs or the other party’s vehicle. California requires that motorists maintain a minimum of $5,000 of coverage.

While these are the minimum insurance requirements for all Californians, the state does recommend that its residents obtain a liability policy greater than the recommended minimums.

The state of California also recommends that its citizens obtain Comprehensive/Collision to pay for damage to their own vehicle if they are found to be at-fault and also for damages to their vehicle caused by wildlife and natural events such as wind storms or hail. Even though carrying liability insurance is the law in California, this does not mean that everyone will have it. To help protect you in the event that the other party is not carrying sufficient insurance coverage or you are involved in a hit and run, it is advisable to carry Uninsured/Underinsured motorist coverage to help pay for any damages to your vehicle.

Insurance premiums are on the decline all over the country and California has followed that trend. From 2006 to 2007, the state of California saw a 4% decrease in the average price motorists paid for insurance premiums. This $71 drop from $1842 to $1771 is sure to have many Californians jumping for joy. Unfortunately, not all residents saw this decrease as insurance premiums rely on a number of factors including the vehicle being insured, a person’s credit history and driving history.

Even if their driving record isn’t flawless, wants all its customers to get the lowest price on car insurance from a highly reputable company. That is why has partnered with insurance companies like Nationwide, Allstate and Progressive to find low insurance quotes online. Visit every time you need California car insurance quotes for a new or used vehicle or the one you currently own.

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