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Most people have very fond memories of their first car. Piling your friends into the backseat and cruising the boulevard on a Friday night, without a care in the world. More than likely, much of that care free feeling came from the fact that your parents took care of most of the vehicle maintenance that was required. In fact, many young drivers never even have to deal with taking the car in for an oil change. It isn’t until they are living on their own that many people realize that owning a vehicle is a huge responsibility. Not only do you have to worry about routine maintenance to prevent your vehicle from needing major repairs, but you will also have to keep your car insured in the unfortunate event you are involved in an accident.

Fortunately, there are a number of vehicle resources to help you purchase a vehicle, insure it, keep your automobile road ready at all times. Many of these vehicle resources are available online; this will allow you easy access to important information that you may need. Some of the vehicle resources that are available online include:

Purchasing a Vehicle
One of the most uncomfortable aspects of owning a vehicle is the act of actually purchasing it. Whether you are planning on buying a vehicle from a new car dealer, used car dealer or a private owner, it is important to know what you are getting before any money exchanges hands.

• Use the crash test rating system to help you find a safe vehicle- While many new drivers want the coolest, fastest car they can find, vehicle safety should be your number one concern. To find out more about the crash test rating of the vehicle you are looking at visit From this website you can view all the safety ratings for a particular body style, year, make and/or model.
• Get a vehicle history report before buying a used car- Just because a car looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor doesn’t mean there aren’t any underlying damages. It is vital to get a vehicle history report to determine if the used vehicle you are interested in has ever been involved in an accident or had any hail or flood damage. There are many websites where you can get vehicle history reports including and You will want to look for red flags such as “salvage’ and “rebuilt” while reviewing the report. Words like these should make you very wary while purchasing a vehicle.

Finding Vehicle Insurance
Not only is it important to have car insurance in case you are involved in an automobile accident, it is also the law in every state. If you are in a collision or receive a traffic violation and fail to show proof of adequate insurance you could receive a huge fine. understands how busy people are and they don’t have the time to spend hours shopping for low-cost insurance from a reputable company. That is why has partnered with highly respected companies like Allstate, AIG and Progressive to help get you the lowest price on insurance for your vehicle. And getting quotes is fast and easy. Just type in your Zip code and answer a few general questions about the driving history of the drivers in your household and will find your quotes for you. All in under five minutes!

Vehicle Maintenance
Most people understand the importance of having your oil changed when required in your maintenance plan. What many people don’t realize, however, is that there are other fluids and components vital to keeping your vehicle road ready at all times. With proper, regularly scheduled maintenance you can avoid costly repairs down the road. The article 10 Ways to Keep your car Road Ready covers many of the things you should regularly check on any new or used to keep your wheels in motion and ensure you can stop once they are.

There is a lot more to owning a vehicle than pumping gas and checking the tire pressure from time to time. Knowing what to look for in a vehicle, how to protect yourself if you are involved in a collision and what to do if you do need repairs will help ensure that your driving experience will be as enjoyable as possible.

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