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Corona Car Insurance

The city of Corona, CA is located just north of Cleveland National Forest and along the north-south Interstate 51, and is situated just east of the Prado Dam. The city manages to stay close the greater Los Angeles area without becoming lost in its glare. According to, Corona now has almost 150,000 residents, and has seen a staggering 20% increase in population since 2000. Part of the reason for this large increase may be the income levels and housing prices in the area. In the last few years, the city has seen income levels at over $10,000 above the state average, while housing prices have remained $30,000 less than the average. What this means is that Corona is a city that shows no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, this can often also apply to the traffic in the area. Residents are well-advised to keep current and dependable Corona car insurance covering their vehicle at all times.

Corona’s history is largely shaped by three sectors of industry – citrus production, mining, and manufacture. The town was originally conceived by the developer Robert Taylor and his partners, who formed the South Riverside Land and Water Company, according to The company, as well as the burgeoning town, were named after the nearby community of Riverside. Taylor chose to hire an architect to develop the town’s main area, which was a circular road named Grand Boulevard. Inside the circle the town placed much of its infrastructure including churches, schools and homes.

The northern end of town was given over to the manufacturing industry, the south took the citrus fields, and the east portion of the city was dedicated to mining operations. When the city was incorporated in 1896, the residents elected to change its name to Corona, meaning “crown” in Spanish, in honor of the Grand Boulevard. In 1915, the first lemon processing plant in the United States was built in Corona. This plant was eventually bought out by Sunkist and later closed as the lemon supply dwindled. Mining and manufacturing became focal points for the town, and in 1985 the world’s largest cheese plant was opened on Lincoln Avenue.

A city growing in both industry and residential population, the small city of Corona is rapidly becoming a bustling metropolis in its own right. This means that finding the right Corona auto insurance quotes is important for any drivers in the area. Fortunately, we can provide an easy way to do just that. Our website gives users the ability to simply punch in the zip code and have us send them the best Corona car insurance quotes in the industry. We can help keep you safe on the increasingly busy streets of this temperate town.

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