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Modesto Car Insurance

The backdrop for the film American Graffiti, Modesto has a population of 211,150 residents. The film showcases a car culture that flourishes in the city to this day. And with cars, comes the necessity of car insurance. In California, drivers are minimally required to carry liability insurance. Liability insurance then will cover any medical expenses or repair costs of another party if you’re involved in an accident and considered to be at fault. Therefore, you’ll always need to include liability insurance in any Modesto car insurance quotes you obtain. In addition, by law, you’re required to carry proof of insurance in your car if you don’t want to be assessed any fines or have your driving privileges revoked. Keep your insurance card, premium receipts or any other insurance documentation organized and neatly together to avoid any problems if for any reason you need to show proof and your I.D.

If you have a newer model vehicle, you will probably want to add collision and comprehensive insurance, or full coverage for any Modesto auto insurance quotes you obtain. Collision insurance is useful to include in your auto insurance package as it covers any damage done to your vehicle in an accident. Such protection is good to have, especially if you’re making monthly lease or installment payments on your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance should also be included if you can afford to do so. Called “OTC” insurance or “Other than Collision” coverage, it provides protection if your car is damaged as the result of fire, vandalism, theft or acts of nature. If you have an older vehicle, collision insurance is not really necessary as the insurance only covers expenses up to the car’s book value once deductibles are met. Therefore, for an older car, it’s best to save the extra money you’d pay on your premium and deposit it into your savings for future repairs.

Uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist insurance are other coverage you may want to include when obtaining quotes from Modesto car insurance companies. Both plans cover you or any passengers in your car if you’re hit by someone who is driving without insurance or is operating a vehicle and doesn’t have sufficient coverage. You may also want to consider PIP insurance or personal injury protection too. PIP insurance adds extra security by paying for your medical expenses or the medical costs of any passenger in your car at the time of an accident. It will also cover the medical expenses of any pedestrians you hit as well. Enter your zip code now and we can help you to find the coverage you need at an affordable price.

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