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El Monte Car Insurance

The city of El Monte, CA, was once as famous for its star tourist attraction as Anaheim is today for Disneyland. Beginning in 1923 and continuing on through the early 1940s, Gay’s Lion Farm, a wild animal preserve maintained by a pair of one-time European circus performers, housed a collection of 200 African lions. When these animals were not being put on display, Mr. and Mrs. Gay happily loaned them out to the Hollywood studios. Perhaps most memorably, one of their star animals, Jackie, was used to create the famous MGM movie opening logo of a roaring lion. The Gays were forced to close down their attraction during World War II and today, all that remains as a memory of the site is a golden statue of a lion at El Monte High School.

The other major heyday flash point for El Monte is its American Legion Hall, which at one time played host to major artists like Ritchie Valens and Johnny Guitar Watson. The iconic cultural status of the Hall was further cemented when a young Frank Zappa penned the early 1960s Doo-wop song “Memories of El Monte,” for which local group the Viceroys – as the Penguins – backed up DJ Art Laboe on vocals.

Today, Gay’s Lion Farm and the American Legion Hall have given way to a Wells Fargo operations center, a Vons distribution facility and the name brand Longo Toyota-Lexus dealership. According to the most recent U.S. census, nearly three quarters of El Monte’s residents are Hispanic and more than half the households in the community make less than $35,000 annually. When living on a tight budget, finding a good deal is important. Enter your zip code now to find the best El Monte car insurance quotes. We can save you money.

Like many L.A. cities, El Monte can also be defined by its freeways, in this case the intersection of California Interstates 10 and 605. When traffic on the 10 is congested, as is often the case, downtown Los Angeles can feel a lot farther away than 12 miles to the west. A valid California driver’s license and proper El Monte car insurance in the glove compartment are also needed these days at DUI checkpoints. According to a February 13th article on, authorities at these makeshift verification posts are seizing three times more cars in cities where Hispanics make up the majority of the population. Luckily, gathering El Monte auto insurance quotes is a lot easier these days than finding traces of Gay’s Lion Farm or a copy of that old Zappa ditty. Simply enter your zip code now to obtain the best El Monte car insurance quotes.

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