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Visalia Car Insurance

The stunning and history city of Visalia, California has the distinction of being the oldest city in existence between Los Angeles and San Francisco. During the early 1850’s, Tulare County, where Visalia sits, did not yet exist. Pioneers and settlers ended up in the area and in 1852 an adventurer known as Nathaniel Vise decided to survey the area. He noted that the 80 inhabitants living in the town, first called Four Creeks, were living in a subdivision that was destined for greatness. He predicted that the area would become Tulare’s county seat – and he was correct. Visalia was eventually named in honor of Vise’s hometown in Kentucky.

Visalia saw quite a bit of activity throughout history. Miners passed through Visalia on their way to seek gold and, when their efforts failed, many came back and made the town home. During the latter half of the 1850’s, Visalia was added to the Overland Stage route brining people from St. Louis to San Francisco – a huge historic development that helped put Visalia on the map. During the Civil War, residents of Visalia could not agree on whether they should support the North or the South. To settle the dispute they ran out onto Main Street and had a peaceful battle of their own – just for fun. No one really knows who won.

With a population of more than 121,000 people, Visalia is a growing and busy city. Obtaining proper Visalia car insurance is paramount. California auto insurance law allows drivers to purchase a standard insurance policy providing semi-annual or annual coverage or to purchase a “pay as you go” policy based on the mileage you drive regularly. Visalia auto insurance quotes for either type of coverage are easily obtainable. The new “pay as you go” plan is only offered in a small handful of states and offers drivers a unique opportunity to save money on insurance if they do not drive on a regular basis. This type of plan is perfect for those who live in large cities or who live in smaller areas, like Visalia, and simply don’t have far to go.

Visalia car insurance quotes are available from a number of well known and respected automobile insurance carriers. In order to obtain a quote you merely need to enter your zip code into the form on our website. We’ll gather some information about your vehicle and about you as a driver. That information will be sent to our partners and in a short period of time we’ll send you a series of automobile insurance quotes to compare and consider. Purchasing automobile insurance has never been this easy and you’ll be glad you gave us a try – we promise!

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