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Pomona Car Insurance

Located just south of the Angeles National Forest and a part of the greater Los Angeles area, the city of Pomona is a haven for those looking to live in sunny California but without the breakneck pace of the big city. With a population just topping 160,000 according to, Pomona has experienced only moderate population growth since the beginning of the last decade. This makes it the perfect spot for families, commuters, and those who just love the great outdoors. With access to parkland, the Pacific Ocean and a temperate climate perfect for fruit growing, this is a city that spends a great deal of its time outdoors. This also means that its citizens and commuter traffic on the way to the big city put a great deal of cars on Pomona’s streets at any given time. Making sure to have secure, dedicated Pomona car insurance is a must for anyone living in the area.

Named after the Roman goddess who tended the tree of life, the city was known as an “urban garden” as early as the 1800s, according to its official website. The area quickly became known for its citrus, and the arrival of the railroad system in 1870 only spurred the town’s growth. With fertile ground for almost any type of fruit growth, the city was influential in the California winemaking industry during the 1880s. By the last decade of that century, the city had switched from vineyards to fruit orchards and olive groves. The city itself was incorporated in 1888, and is now the 5th largest in the greater Los Angeles area. While fruit remains an important staple of its economy, the influx of people to the town has spurred other manufacturing and high-tech industries.

Pomona is a town replete with young people and young families, and the city’s median age is only 26, seven years younger than the state average of 33. Part of the reason for this is a substantially lower-cost housing market in the Pomona area. The average price a home the in the city of Pomona is a full $100,000 less than the state average.

What this means is that the city’s growth has only upward potential. To keep both themselves and their growing families’ safe, it is important that the city’s residents get the best Pomona car insurance quotes they can, making sure they get the best deal for their hard-earned money. As a leading national insurance company, we’re able to help with that task. With the aid of our website, we can provide the most reliable Pomona auto insurance quotes. Just drop by and give us your zip code, and we can get you started.

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