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Bakersfield Car Insurance

As one of the fastest growing cities in California, Bakersfield boasts a population of about 333,000 people according to the United States census. It’s somewhat of an industrial city, with much of its income coming from petroleum refiners. It’s also a fairly expensive town for drivers. Bakersfield auto insurance quotes can get very high, which makes it important for motorists in the city to look for ways to decrease their premiums. A good first step is understanding some of the factors that drive costs up.

The most prominent reason for high Bakersfield car insurance quotes is probably traffic. Congestion is part of driving in the Bakersfield area, and insurance companies tend to charge higher premiums for high-traffic cities. This is because high traffic often leads to more claims. It’s difficult to get car insurance quotes down when you live in a high traffic city, but drivers should consider driving safe vehicles and applying for low mileage discounts. These discounts are based on odometer readings, and they’re only available for drivers that keep their mileage under a certain amount in each policy period.

Bakersfield has a high incidence of auto-theft, which drives up Bakersfield auto insurance quotes significantly. Insurance companies have to pay for the full cost of vehicles with comprehensive coverage when they’re stolen, and these costs are passed off to policy holders in high-theft areas. You can often decrease your premiums by choosing a vehicle that’s less likely to be stolen. When buying a new car or truck, do some quick research to check theft statistics, as it could make a huge difference in the cost of your policy. Many Bakersfield car insurance companies also offer some type of discount for drivers that take anti-theft measures, such as installing a car alarm or parking a vehicle in a close, locked garage at night. Call your insurance agent to see what types of anti-theft discounts are available for your policy.

Comparison shopping is vital for drivers looking for the lowest Bakersfield car insurance quotes possible. By comparing several rates, it’s easy to find reasonable coverage at a low monthly or in-full premium. We offer a tool for Bakersfield residents looking for new car insurance policies that can generate multiple quotes from major insurers by using a driver’s zip code. It’s also very useful for drivers with existing policies–knowing competitor rates can make negotiation a breeze when the time comes to renew your insurance plan. Taking the time to research several quotes can lead to massive savings, and can greatly lower the cost of car ownership in Bakersfield.

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