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Texas Car Insurance

Everything is bigger in Texas. Not only is Texas the second largest state in the country (after Alaska), it is also the second most populated state as well (after California). While most people tend to live around major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, Texans also face many hazards in the deserts to the west that make car insurance vital to every Texas motorist. knows how costly insurance can be for Texans and that is why searches online companies to find our customers the lowest possible quotes for their car insurance so they can use their hard-earned income on life’s other necessities.

Texas Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

To help ensure that all Texas motorists are well-insured, the state of Texas requires that all drivers obtain a minimum amount of liability coverage for their vehicles. Currently, the minimum required coverage is 20/40/15 for bodily injury liability and property damage liability. The numbers represent the minimum coverage in thousands of dollars that is required.

•    Bodily Injury Liability- Bodily injury liability covers the medical expenses of the other driver and their passengers when the insured is found to be responsible for an accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance company will pay a maximum of $20,000 for a single person and $40,000 for multiple persons injured in the accident.
•    Property Damage Liability- Property damage liability covers repairs for damages that occur to the other person’s vehicle as well as damage to any public and private property. When the minimum coverage is obtained, insurance will pay up to $15,000 for repairs that are needed.

Though the state of Texas requires its motorists to maintain excellent minimum liability coverage, the rising costs of medical treatment and repairs make it very easy to make the costs of an accident exceed the required minimums. This is why the state of Texas recommends that all motorists purchase liability coverage greater than that which is required as well as Comprehensive and Collision coverage to cover damages to their vehicle when they are at-fault or when the damage to their vehicle is caused by wildlife or an act of nature.

A scary fact of being on the road is that not every state requires that its drivers maintain a minimum liability policy for their vehicles. At any time, these uninsured drivers could be on Texas roadways. For this reason, the state of Texas strongly recommends that all residents purchase Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection for their vehicles. UM protection also pays for damages if the vehicle is damaged in a hit and run, making it a good option for Texans.

In the unfortunate event that a Texan is involved in an accident, even the most comprehensive coverage will not pay any more than the Blue Book Value of the vehicle if it is totaled. Fortunately, Texas residents have the option of purchasing Gap coverage for their vehicles. Gap coverage pays the difference between the book value of the vehicle and the loan value to ensure that the insured person isn’t stuck owing money on a vehicle they don’t have.

Contrary to popular opinion, not everything is bigger in Texas. The average cost of car insurance premiums fell 6.3% from $1801 in 2006 to $1695 in 2007, well below the national average of $1896. wants every Texas resident to get the best deal possible on car insurance, regardless of whether that price is higher or lower than the state average. That is why has partnered with highly reputable companies to get the lowest possible Texas car insurance quotes from companies our customers can rely on.

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