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Wichita Falls Car Insurance

Located in northern Texas, just south of the Oklahoma border, lies the city of Wichita Falls. 106 miles from Fort Worth and 113 miles from Carrollton, Wichita is the biggest city in the region with a population of just over 100,000, according to The area was first populated by Anglo-Americans in the 1860’s, who were drawn to the region’s vast open prairies. These Americans later became the notorious Texas Cattle Barons. At the time of the city’s incorporation, the Republic of Texas was in the midst of selling off land at rock-bottom prices to cover costs, sometimes as low as 50 cents an acre. Rumors abound that John A Scott actually won the first 640 acres of the city in a poker game. By 1982, the city had become the central force of the county, and had both the Fort Worth and Denver City rail lines running to it.

The population of Wichita Falls is evenly split between males and females, and has seen a slight decline over the past 10 years, in the order of two percent. Lacking the powerhouse jobs and salaries of Dallas or Houston, Wichita Falls has a far lower cost of living and the sense of urgent property and material collection found in those cities is absent. The pace of life is slower than in other metropolitan Texas areas, making the city a favorite of new families. Wichita Falls is also home to industry, boasting over 185 manufacturing companies, according to the city’s official website. These include car and aircraft manufacturers, food providers, and oil and gas companies.

Wichita Falls is also home to the Sheppard Air Force base, which is used by NATO in its jet pilot training program. The base is used by seventeen different countries, all of which come to Wichita Falls for the finest fighter pilot training in the world. This provides the city with an International feel, but without many of the big-city drawbacks such as crime or pollution.

Wichita Falls car insurance rates are reasonable, and there are a number of reliable options to choose from in the state. As a leading provider to Texas residents, we offer a complementary quote service on our website. Residents looking for competitive Wichita Falls auto insurance quotes need only go online and punch in their postal code at our website for us to collect and deliver the best Wichita Falls car insurance quotes for their money. Wichita Falls is a beautiful city, with many attractions to enjoy. Knowing your car is well taken care of will allow you to make the most out of your time in the city, whether it is as a permanent or temporary resident.

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