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Houston Car Insurance

Interested in getting Houston car insurance quotes? Wondering why you should obtain auto insurance in the Houston metro area? Well, aside from the legal and ethical responsibilities you have, it’s in your own best interest to obtain auto insurance. Give me thirty seconds and let me explain.

From humble roots on the Buffalo Bayou, Houston has grown into the fourth most populous city in the United States. It encompasses over 600 square miles and 740 miles of roadway conveniently connect every corner of Houston. It is a vibrant city with several “Downtowns”, each with a unique atmosphere. Covering such a vast area and linked by such a robust highway system, it is not surprising that Houston’s 2.2 million residents have come to depend on the automobile. A car is not a luxury in Houston, it is a necessity.

Now, navigating the streets of Houston on a warm summer day can be an enjoyable experience but it is not without its hazards. You may be a careful and attentive driver and your driving may be topnotch but there are plenty of would be Jimmie Johnsons executing risky maneuvers on the freeways and not always succeeding. In such an environment, Houston car insurance is a must. And while the state law of Texas mandates a minimum liability coverage, many drivers let this coverage lapse as soon as their car is registered. Imagine the nightmare of having your brand new BMW or recently restored vintage Corvette totaled by an uninsured driver.

Also, to be honest, we all sometimes get distracted while driving. The kids fighting in the back seat, an inconvenient phone call from work or that hot cup of coffee you just spilled on yourself can all lead to that minor fender-bender. You weren’t driving recklessly, you just took your eyes off the road for a second. That’s why they’re called accidents! With insurance, you just exchange information with the other driver and you’re on your merry way. Without insurance, though, you’re faced with talking your way out of the situation. And in that situation, it’s money that does the talking. So, you’re going to end up paying one way or the other.

Don’t find yourself in either of these situations. Check out our Houston auto insurance quotes by typing your zip code in the box below. From minimum 25/50/15 coverage to full collision to Sr-22’s, we offer competitive rates and immediate coverage that will fit your needs and budget. Let me make it abundantly clear. The peace of mind that comes with auto insurance is worth the price even if you never have to use it. Especially if you don’t have to use it.

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