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Smart cars are slowly making their way into the American after having a huge success in Europe. Smart cars are compact cars that are most convenient for parking and driving locally. Those who see the Smart car for the first time cannot help but point at laugh at the golf cart sized car, but by further looking into the benefits of driving a Smart, one might actually consider buying one. The design of the tiny sized Smart was developed to make the best use of space on those tiny, narrow, European streets, and even allows you to park the vehicle nose-first, or sideways into a parking spot. In fact, this innovative design allows two or even three Smart cars to park in the space of one standard sized car.

The Smart is owned by the German auto manufacturer Daimler AG, and is currently manufactured in France. The logo is a letter "c" which stands for "compact" in front of an arrow that shows "forward thinking." Smart is still a relatively new brand, established in 1994, and has had some difficulties making the transition into the American market. Although Smart cars were planned on being introduced into the American market by being produced in nearby Canada, these diesel-powered vehicles did not pass US safety and emissions regulations. When the Smart finally did break into the US market last month, it was greeted with much criticism. Critics questioned why a consumer would buy a Smart when he/she could buy an even more fuel efficient Prius or similar Hybrid for even less? Also the design itself was put under fire. In a nation of gas guzzling and over sized SUVs, many wondered if the Smart would make it. Since the Smart has just been released into a test market, we will soon hear new reviews on just how the American public reacts to these tiny and efficient space saving vehicles. Maybe it is just what we need, an influence to downsize on our excessive vehicles.

So if you are one of the few "test market" Smart drivers, here are a few things to know about getting Smart car auto insurance. First of all, getting your Smart car insurance is going to require some patience. The smart car is brand new to the American market and many companies have not fully incorporated them into their existing policies and coverage. Some companies such as Geico only offer liability auto insurance, but not full collision and comprehensive insurance. is a useful site in which you can interact with other smart car owners in the same situation. With a little searching, however, it should be easy to find a good rate for your Smart car auto insurance.

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