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Smart Fortwo Cabriolet Auto Insurance

The Smart Car made its debut on the world stage in Paris, France in 1998. It is a microcar, both in name and stature, and one look is enough to know that there is no other car like it currently on the market. Though it bears some similarities to the Mini Cooper and even the Nissan Cube, the Smart Fortwo has always been unique in its presentation and overall appeal. Initially released as a coupe model only, in 2000 a cabriolet model was introduced, originally known as the City Cabrio, and now simply called the Fortwo Cabrio. This car features targa-style removable roof panels, which leave the rear of the vehicle intact, while still giving access to the great outdoors. The Fortwo Cabriolet shares the same safety record as the original Fortwo Coupe, which means that Smart Fortwo Cabriolet auto insurance is very similar in cost to that of the coupe.

The Fortwo Cabrio was restyled in 2002, and now offers three distinct variants – the Pure, the Pulse, and the Passion. The Pure is the entry-level cabriolet model, and does differ from the base coupe except for the addition of the Targa panels. The Pulse is the sport version of the Cabrio, and the Passion is the top-end luxury model. All three feature turbocharged 3-cylinder motors that can reach up to 61 hp. While this seems low, the small curb weight of the car, combined with a reasonably aerodynamic design, means that the Fortwo Cabrio still has quick acceleration and a tight response when cornering.

Despite its fragile appearance, all Smart models are actually quite safe. The car did well in NHTSA crash testing, scoring four out of five stars on front driver impact, and three out of five for passenger impact. The driver’s side impact test was rated at a five out of five. In Europe, the Euro NCAP gave the Smart car four out of five stars for adult occupant safety. This safety upon impact, combined with the quick response and maneuverability of the Smart line of cars means that not only will the damage in an accident be mitigated, but that there is a possibility that accidents could be avoided altogether.

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