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Smart Fortwo Coupe Auto Insurance

Smart GmbH, a division of Daimler AG, is a car manufacturer based in Hambach, France. In 1998 at the Paris Motor Show, it introduced the world to its “Smart City Coupe.” This is a microcar in the true European sense, but with several nods to North American styling and performance. The car was intended to be used for city driving and light highway driving, and truly made for the smaller road structures and distances found in Europe. The car has a distinct visual style, and while similar in form to a Mini, has a distinct “stubby” look and lack of front end that set it well apart from any other car on the market.

The Smart Fortwo Coupe, as it came to be known, was so named simply because of the number of people it could reasonable accommodate. The front compartment, though not roomy by American standards, can easily sit the driver and one passenger, leaving the rear of the vehicle free for a small amount of storage. The engine of the Fortwo is also mounted in the rear, so as to give the maximum amount of room for the driver and the passenger in the front. This car is currently in its second generation of production and is slightly longer than the original model. Its total length, now just topping 100 inches, is slight enough that it can often be backed into what would traditionally be a parallel parking stall. With a 61 inch width, this means that several Smart Coupes could be parked side by side in one parking stall. Sadly, this practice has been banned in many European nations, and most municipal parking laws in the United States prohibit parking perpendicular to a parallel parking spot.

Despite its slight frame, the Fortwo Coupe has done well in safety testing, scoring high on all crash impact simulations. It also possesses a solid Tridion frame, which is resistant to crushing upon impact, and tends to stay intact even under great stress. Hovering at around $20,000 for the basic model, the safety of the car combined with its increasing popularity means that it can be an affordable purchase, both in the initial cost and when Smart Fortwo Coupe auto insurance is factored in.

Finding the right Fortwo Coupe car insurance quotes can be a difficult endeavor, as many insurers do not understand the value or safety of the vehicle. At, we seek out the best Smart Fortwo Coupe auto insurance offers and then allow customers to view them side-by-side, making comparing Fortwo Coupe car insurance quotes much more streamlined than if done alone, and helping to ensure that the best quote which provides the best coverage is chosen.

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