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Smart Brabus Coupe Auto Insurance

Paris. 1998. The world is awed by the introduction of a new rear-engine microcar, known as the Smart City Coupe. This car, which featured stunning fuel efficiency in a three cylinder engine, combined with the ability to park virtually anywhere, has garnered an international following, and with the production of a second generation of these vehicles beginning in 2006, they have started to gain quite a bit of popularity in the US and Canadian markets. Produced by Smart GmbH, a division of Daimler AG, the Smart has taken on many forms over the first twelve years of its life. There have been luxury and cabriolet models, in addition to diesel engines and fully electric variants that still reported excellent acceleration and top-end speed. In 2007, Smart unveiled a sport version of their coupe model, the BRABUS. Thanks to the continuing popularity of the Smart car in general and now the addition of more specialized models, the price of Smart BRABUS Coupe auto insurance, along with all of the other variants, is becoming far more reasonable.

The BRABUS Coupe was first seen at the Geneva Motor Show, and featured a 97 hp engine, which is 150% of the output of the original Smart Coupe. The BRABUS will go from zero to sixty in 9.9 seconds, but is limited to a top speed of 96 mph. This limitation is electronic, not physical, and is included because despite the car’s stellar safety record, at speeds much higher than that only a minor mistake, or what would be an otherwise small collision could result in severe injury or death. All smart models including the BRABUS Coupe include an automated manual transmission. The floor clutch pedal is removed and instead simply tied into a floor-mounted shifter or steering-wheel mounted shifting panels. Although not a true “stick shift” drivers are wise to accelerate slightly and lift their foot when changing gears to produce a smooth transition. The cars can also be operated in purely automatic mode, but suffers from rougher shifts than would be found in a true automatic. The manufacturer sought to correct this in later versions of the car, resulting in a much more natural feel.

Although the BRABUS is the sport model of the Smart Car, it does not mean that BRABUS Coupe car insurance quotes have to be expensive. can scour the web on your behalf, finding the best deals on Smart BRABUS Coupe auto insurance, and then displaying the most cost-effective BRABUS Coupe car insurance quotes right on your monitor for easy viewing. Drop by and tell us what you’re looking for, and we can provide an easy, side-by-side comparison of any type of car, truck or SUV insurance quotes.

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