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Nissan has not always had such the familiar name, and used to go by the name brand of "Datsun." Nissan headquarters are located in Japan and they are one of the largest car manufactures in the world. Nissan Motors was founded in 1930 and its longevity and productivity has made it what it is today. Nissan has a range of models that are well known: Maxima, Versa, Nissan GT-r.

The Maxima is a great model combining the comfort of a sedan and a luxurious look to produce a car that is reliable and is a top performer. The Maxima has been around for about seven years and continues to improve as each year passes. The Maxima ranges from about $ 25,000-$32,000 and is generally on the expensive side for a mid-sized sedan. The cost of Nissan auto insurance for the Maxima is about $1600 and the price of that will increase with different components to the car.

The Nissan Versa is a reliable, safe vehicle that is rated 15 out of the top 29 best affordable small cars. The Versa is very spacious inside and the hatchback version has an even more spacious cargo space. The Versa ranges from about $10,000-$13,000, and Nissan car insurance will set you back on average $750 per year.

The 2009 motor trend car of the year is the Nissan GT-r. The cost of this vehicle is $ 80,790 but its slick exterior and detailed interior make it an easy choice for car lovers all over the world. To have this car insured you are paying on average $2,533 a year for Nissan car insurance. This famous sports car with a twin-turbo charged 24 valve v6 engine makes it one of the most expensive cars to insure.

The majority of the insurance quotes were found on On this site you are able to compare and contrast different Nissan auto insurance plans. Some companies provide you with a direct quote and some companies will need additional information or need to talk to you on the phone before they can give you a quote. Finding Nissan insurance takes time and research. You really want to choose a great company because most likely this will be the auto insurance company you stay with for many years. As always insurance can differentiate, because of the actual value of the car and previous driving records. Nissan is a brand that has provided excellent vehicles and has great reviews. The quality of Nissan vehicles makes the brand a top contender for consumers everywhere who are purchasing a new car.

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