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Nissan Titan Auto Insurance

Nissan introduced the Titan in 2004 to compete with pick-up trucks offered by Ford, GM and Dodge. Changes to subsequent model years were minimal at first, but in the 2007 models, the engine power increased from 305 hp to 317. The following year, the Titan was given a new style look including a revised front end and longer available cargo beds.

The Titan comes in XE, SE and LE versions. The off-road themed Titan, PRO-4X, was introduced in 2008. You can get all of these models with a crew cab or extended cab, except for the LE, which only has a crew cab. The cargo bed is 6.5 feet in an extended cab model and 5.5 feet in the crew cab models. Each model also comes as a 4-wheel drive or 2-wheel drive, except for the PRO-4X, which only comes as a 4-wheel drive. The chassis and power-train are the same as a Nissan Armada. The new Titans come with 36-month / 36,000-mile limited vehicle coverage and a 5-year / 60,000-mile limited power-train coverage.

Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices range from $26,320 (for a basic 2011 Titan XE Short Bed Extended Cab Pickup) to $39,120 (for a 2011 Titan LE Short Bed Crew Cab Pickup with all the options). To get an idea what it costs to repair a Titan, Consumer Guides estimates automatic transmission repair at $4,605; shocks and strut repair at $650 and repairing the air conditioning at $870. All models have a 317-hp, 5.6-liter, 8-cylinder engine and get 12 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on the highway. Consumer Guides gives it a 53 out of 100 road test rating, listing the Titan’s passenger room and towing capability as strengths and engine noise and fuel economy as drawbacks.

Nissan Titan auto insurance was around $1,300 for 2009 models, according to Automobile Magazine. The fact that the National Institute of Highway Safety gave it a good crash test rating helps keep the insurance costs reasonable. However, there have been recalls of the Nissan Titan every year between 2004 and 2008. Some have been minor like a label that had incorrect information in 2008. Others have been more serious like a damaged shifter that might not remain in park in 2004. The best way to make sure you don’t have to pay more for your Nissan Titan auto insurance than you need to is to do your homework and compare Titan car insurance quotes from different companies. The easiest way to do that is to request online Titan car insurance quotes from You enter your vehicle information and the coverage you want and will send you insurance quotes from reputable companies. Choosing the right company is then up to you.

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