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Nissan Altima Auto Insurance

In 1993, a new addition to the range of mid-sized cars entered the market, the Nissan Altima. The first generation lasted from 1993 to 1997 and included features such as a heads-up display, lower lumbar back support and in-built tweeters. The second generation released in 1998 was only sold within the US. The interior was roomier and new features were added. In 2000, the engine power was increased just in time for the third generation to be unveiled in 2001. Currently in the fourth generation, this compact car has certainly seen many changes over the years. The need for Nissan Altima auto insurance has remained constant during this time though.

Currently, the Altima is being sold in three varieties, the four-door sedan, the two-door coupe and the hybrid. Found with four doors until 2006, the following year saw many changes for this compact automobile. The coupe came with 17 inch alloy wheels, a Bose audio system and Nissan’s Vehicle Dynamic Control as standard. The system used in Nissan’s hybrid Altima models was licensed from Toyota and Altima hybrids were initially sold only in states such as California, New York and New Jersey which stressed cleaner emission laws. Regardless of the class of Altima which you own, coverage against theft, damage and accidents is vital and Altima car insurance quotes can be found online.

With the range found within the fourth generation of Altima, it is difficult to give exact specifications. Generally, both the standard and the hybrid models are retailed for around $25,000. Their gas mileage rating differs however. Models with gasoline engines get 24 mpg on the highway and 19 mpg within the city. Compare this to the hybrids which get 35 mpg and 33 mpg on the highway and in the city respectively. Depending on the model, the engines could be V6s or inline 4-cylinders with the power and torque varying from type to type. When taking out a Nissan Altima auto insurance policy, it will be necessary to take all of these qualities and features into account.

Anyone purchasing one of these compact cars will do so because of their cost-effectiveness and fuel-efficiency. To help you save even more money, websites such as can compare and research the different insurance plans currently available in order to find one with the lowest premiums and the highest payouts. In this way, it will be easy to sift through the many Altima car insurance quotes and find the one which will cover you in case of a wide range of events, which will protect your bank account as well. These plans also can look after you mentally as they give you and your family complete peace of mind.

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