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Nissan Cube Auto Insurance

The Nissan Cube was originally released in 1998 and sold only in the markets of Hong Kong and Japan. It shared the same basic structure as the Nissan March (also known as the Mirca), and was created to fit between the March and the Nissan Sunny in terms of size and price. The Cube is most well-known for its unique design and asymmetrical back window. The passenger side rear window wraps around to merge with the rear window, but is distinct from it on the driver’s side. This gives the car two very distinct looks when viewed from opposite sides, and when driving behind a Cube, its window design and blocky shape means that it cannot be mistaken for any other vehicle.

It is this shape that has earned the Cube its accolades and its share of negative reviews. Released to the North American and European markets in 2008, sales of the vehicle have not matched other Nissan products such as the Altima or Titan. The square design earned the Cube a 2010 award for “Automobile Design of the Year,” but several reviews have criticized both the Cube’s handling at highway speeds and its overall lack of aerodynamics. Nonetheless, Nissan has encouraged the growth of a “Cube Community” by producing a substantial line of accessories for the interior of the vehicle. Nissan designers have said that their intention with the interior of the car was to create the sense of being in a Jacuzzi – warm and inclusive. For that reason, Nissan offers options such as specialized LED lighting, interior vent covers in multiple colors and color-coordinated shag carpet for the dash.

Finding decent Nissan Cube auto insurance can still be tricky for North Americans, as the car has not been on the market for very long. Cube car insurance quotes are typically reasonable, owing to the fact that the car does come standard with six airbags and features traction control, anti-lock brakes and a braking system that sends more power to the rear wheels if the back seat is full. The Cube also comes with a 4-cylinder engine and 122 horsepower, which leaves power to spare, considering that the curb weight of the vehicle comes in at a slight 1,300 pounds. This vehicle is also gas-efficient, with both highway and city mileage hovering just around 40 miles per gallon.

If you’re the proud owner of a new Cube, you’ll want to make sure that it is insured with the best coverage possible, and at the lowest price. lets you compare Nissan Cube auto insurance offers from multiple companies all at the same time, helping you find the best Cube car insurance quotes to suit both your budget and your unique new car.

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