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Volkswagen is a leading German car manufacturer that puts a huge emphasis on its advertising campaign. Through humorous commercials using catchy music from top international artists, VW has attracted new consumers all over the world. Its current campaign, which has become an instant success, is called the "punching game." Every time you see a VW on the road, you yell out "slug bug" or "punch buggy" or just the color and you get to punch the person next to you. VW has implemented this game into a smash hit campaign which has boosted popularity in their brand.

Volkswagen, more commonly known as VW, was founded in Germany in 1937. The name Volkswagen actually means "the people's car" when translated from German. In recent months, with the world wide crisis in the car industry in full bloom, VW and Porsche combined forces to overtake Toyota, making them the world's largest automobile manufacturing group. VW is a car that was formed by the people, for the people, when the German people needed it most. In the 1930s in Germany automobile market was dominated by luxury vehicles, and it was nearly impossible for the average person to acquire a car. VW took on the challenging task of changing the game and creating an affordable car in terms of fuel efficiency, reliability, inexpensive repairs and parts, and the ability to use for the average driver. As VW steadily grew and made its impact into the German market, by 1949 it was time to break into the US market.

The smash hit "Beetle" was the first model to make it big in the US. By 1955, over one million had been sold. The official name by VW was the Type 1, but it became known worldwide as the "beetle" or "bug." After the Type 1 model caught on, sales continued to skyrocket thanks to a clever and catchy advertising campaign. VW's witty advertising remains a crucial tool in maintaining the high number of VW sales. Today, VW produces the Golf, Jetta, New Beetle, Passat, Phaeton, Polo, Scirocco, Sharan, Touran, Tiguan, Touareg and Routan. (

If you own a VW, here are some helpful tips for finding Volkswagen car insurance. Chances you are a women, as VW is the preferred brand for the American female. Females generally pay less than men for Volkswagen car insurance so you may be in luck. If you want the best Volkswagen auto car insurance rate available, choose an affordable model and put emphasis on safety features. Avoiding unnecessary features will save you money on your Volkswagen auto insurance. Adding features such as alarms and theft recovery systems will also help save money on your Volkswagen car insurance.

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