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Volkswagen Touareg Auto Insurance

Volkswagen is well known for their smaller cars, but of course, they’ve had a good history with larger vehicles as well. One good example is the Volkswagen Touareg, which was introduced by the company in 2002. It’s been widely praised as an exceptional SUV. Car and Driver magazine named the Touareg their “Best Luxury SUV” in 2003, and the Touareg also received similar recommendations and awards from other car magazines and organizations when it was introduced. The Touareg is definitely a vehicle that exceeds in its class, beating out, or measuring up to, other SUVs.

A variety of engines are available, including a 3.6 V6, a 4.2 V8, and diesel choices. The 2010 Touareg gets about 14-25 miles per gallon, though some earlier models boast better mileage. Some of the extra options and innovations of the Volkswagen Touareg have made it a trendsetter in its field, including anti-glare headlights, blind spot detection systems, and other additional safety features. Newer Touaregs have received exceptionally high safety ratings from the IIHS in every category.

The safety ratings help with the cost of Volkswagen Touareg auto insurance, as safer cars often receive preferential rates (for obvious reasons). Any driver that pays for medical coverage for themselves and passengers will benefit from these high safety ratings. However, it’s not all good news; many SUVs are targeted for auto theft, especially high cost SUVs like the Touareg. With an MSRP of about $41,000, the Touareg is certainly an expensive vehicle, so every driver should consider adding an anti-theft system. Anti-theft systems will often lower the overall cost of car insurance, as they’re statistically proven to decrease the risk of theft. Touareg car insurance quotes are about the same as quotes for other luxury SUVs, but can vary depending on a driver’s record and location.

To find the lowest possible Volkswagen Touareg car insurance quotes, drivers should be ready and willing to do a bit of research. By collecting costs and coverage estimates from a variety of insurers, you’ll be able to determine what your Volkswagen Touareg auto insurance policy should cost. This can make it easier to negotiate with your insurance company over the phone. It’ll also make it much easier to find good coverage for your Touareg. Every driver should visit the online quote tool at to quickly gather a few quotes, as it’s the fastest possible way to compare your current insurance policy to others or to search for a policy that fits your needs. Whether you’re a new Touareg owner or you’re simply looking for lower insurance costs, the first step is to understand your policy–and by gathering car insurance quotes online, you’ll be taking a great first step.

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