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All About Toyota Vehicles

Toyota is an automobile company that is well known all over the world. Toyota has headquarters located in Japan. Toyota Motor Corporation is the world largest car manufacturer. Kiichiro Toyoda formed the Company in 1937 after his Father’s original idea. At one point the car company was known as “Toyoda” instead of Toyota. Toyota has numerous models that are well known. The most popular models are the Tundra, Camry and Prius.

The Tundra truck is a strong vehicle and is definitely a competitor against other brand trucks. Tundra was named the “Truck of the Year,” in 2007 by Motor Trend. Tundra has two American factories located in Indiana and Texas. The factory in Texas costs billions of dollars and has costly equipment. The Tundra has three different power trains and is considered of the most powerful engines. A 2010 Tundra would cost about $21,000-38,000 and the cost of Toyota Car Insurance is an estimated $ 1336 per year.

The Camry is another well known model in the Toyota industry. The Toyota Camry originally came out in 1983 and has been improving its models ever since. As the years go by the Camry takes on a more luxurious and spacious look and feel. The Camry formerly started with a 4-cylinder engine and then transitioned to a more powerful v6 engine. The Camry is a top choice and a reliable family car. This particular Toyota model is very durable, and for this reason it is always the top pick for all consumers nation and worldwide. For a new Camry, the cost of the vehicle would be around $19,000-28,000, which makes it affordable for most Americans. For Toyota Camry auto insurance, there are a number of websites you can log onto to find more quotes on each model, depending on what kind of coverage you want.

A popular new version of the car has been around for a couple of years and continues to advance on a daily basis. This car is a hybrid and it is called a Prius. The cost of a Prius is between $20,000-25,000 and the cost of auto insurance for this car would be around $1340 a month. The new 2010 model of the Prius was almost completely redesigned except for its traditional hatchback with four doors. The biggest positive about this car is its fuel effectiveness. The Prius has an estimated fuel rate of 50mpg. Because hybrids are still new, Toyota insurance for a Prius should be researched and auto insurance quotes compared. Toyota has been a trusted company for many years and it will continue to prosper despite any setbacks they have or will face.

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