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Toyota Matrix Auto Insurance

As a fairly trendy and well-built vehicle, the Toyota Matrix is a popular offshoot of the Toyota Corolla design. It was introduced in 2002 and has gone through a few major changes, although the core design of the car is still very much the same. The differences may seem minimal,but they are two very distinct vehicles.

The Toyota Matrix sports either a 177-FE or a 277-GE engine, depending on the model. These are four stroke engines designed for performance, but not necessarily power. Due to the engine and the economical design of the Matrix’s body, it’s capable of getting from 29-36 miles per gallon, and these savings in gas can be a powerful reason to invest in a Toyota Matrix. The vehicle costs about $16,700 new, depending on the options (and the year of the vehicle, of course). Used Toyota Matrix vehicles are considerably less.

Because the Toyota Matrix is a very large yet comparatively inexpensive vehicle, Toyota Matrix auto insurance can be very affordable. It’s also worth noting that the IIHS gave the Toyota Matrix high ratings for both front and side impact, and as such, it’s generally regarded as a very safe car. Safe vehicles cost less to insure, since the possibility of a heavy medical claim is significantly lowered. The Matrix is not a major target for auto thieves, further pushing down its average premiums. However, drivers that don’t take any special actions to lock in the lowest possible Toyota Matrix auto insurance premiums often end up overpaying, and as such, it’s important to know your vehicle and to look for ways to decrease your payments. For example, it’s especially important to check whether your Matrix is subject to any recent recalls, as the car was affected by the recent gas pedal scandal that grabbed national headlines. Insurance companies will often want to make sure that recalled vehicles have been properly handled and their issues addressed before offering a Matrix car insurance quotes.

Toyota Matrix car insurance quotes are affected by competition more than any other factor, so do some research and find as many Matrix insurance quotes as possible. Use the quote tool at to quickly get several quotes from major insurers, and be ready to negotiate with your insurance agent for a lower premium. If you haven’t bought insurance yet, car insurance comparison is even more important–without it, you’ll end up overpaying, and you might even end up with a policy that doesn’t offer much protection. By doing a bit of research, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle down the line, and you’ll be able to find great coverage for your Toyota Matrix without paying excessive premiums.

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