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All About Suzuki Vehicles

It’s hard to believe that Suzuki Motor Corporation, currently one of Japan’s largest car manufacturers, spent its first thirty years producing weaving looms in a small village. During its years in the weaving industry, business boomed as Japan’s silk products were in high demand. Suzuki was founded in 1909, but the idea to move into car production did not come about until 1937. Deciding that it was time to diversify, small car production seemed like the next logical venture to move into. Suzuki produced several small, four-cylinder engine vehicles, but production was put on hold by a government order at the start of World War II. The Japanese government considered the production of these consumer cars unnecessary, as they overtook many corporations in order to aid war efforts.

At the conclusion of World War II, Suzuki went back into business, but had to start from square one: the loom industry. This time around, business was not as successful as the cotton market collapsed abruptly, but Suzuki charged forward and for the first time began to manufacture motorized bicycles. Suzuki focused on providing inexpensive personal transportation, something which all Japanese were in need of at the end of the war. Suzuki went full force into motorcycle research and development and their strong desire to succeed has made their brand one of the top racing brands in world-wide competitions.

America Suzuki Motor Corporation is currently based in Brea, California. Working along with General Motors, Suzuki began producing small hatchbacks in the mid eighties. Since then, Suzuki has developed small to midsized vehicles and a highly successful line of 4x4s and SUV s.

Regardless of what model Suzuki you have, from the light weight hatchback to a 4 X4 vehicle, it can be insured. As with any car insurance, comparison shopping is the best way to spend less on your Suzuki car insurance. The more options and companies that you are aware of, the more knowledge you have to make a sound decision. Another savvy way to save on your Suzuki insurance is to insure several cars on one policy. So if possible, insure all your household cars with one insurance company and you will most likely see lower premiums. One final tip on saving on your Suzuki auto insurance depends on your driving record. If you are a cautious driver and have no accidents in your driving history, it may be in your best interest to choose a higher deductible. Since your chance of getting into an accident is minimal, your premium will be a lot lower.

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