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Lincoln is perhaps most synonymous with luxury and class. From its early beginnings in the 1920's it has defined on-road functionality, class and comfort. From the beginning, Lincoln vehicles catered to the very rich. To this day, one of the most famous cars to ever come off the assembly line was the Lincoln Town Car. Even today, this car is almost unequaled in class, comfort and style. Today, it's most popular car is the Lincoln Navigator and it became the first luxury SUV on the market creating a whole new type of vehicle to hit the road.

Over the decades, Lincoln has striven to be an American-born premier car company. Its beginnings began with the founder of Cadillac, Mr. Henry M. Leland. It was purchased from the Ford Motor Company and the rest is history. One of the reasons it is so popular today is because it is American-made and supports the American economy. Henry Ford had a vision that has continued even to this day which is to create quality and luxury along with dependability for Americans by Americans and this success has continued to show with its leadership and in its growth every year.

Even in today's economy, Lincoln has continued to be at the forefront of purchasing options that make their make and models affordable. They do this with incentives, rebates and pricing with options. They even have the capability to allow you to build the car to your own specifications and at the price you can afford. It is because of these techniques that Lincoln continues to grow while many other automobile companies flounder and go out of business. Even bought used, this car is still considered a higher end vehicle to purchase. Most often, car owners will not sell their used vehicles but will trade up when the time is right. Lincoln specifically designs its makes and models to the changing needs of the public.

Lincoln auto insurance, of course, is a must when purchasing any car. The kind of Lincoln insurance one chooses is optional. It is always a good idea when purchasing a luxury vehicle to get the highest quality coverage that can be purchased. Price comparing while shopping can get the best kind of Lincoln car insurance available at a reasonable price. There are many auto insurance companies today that offer great rates that are easy to afford. Other factors will be determined in pricing which includes the type of car, where you drive and your driving record itself. Many people today may feel this luxury vehicle is out of reach. Once purchased, it is very difficult to give up the quality this car has to offer.

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