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Lincoln MKS Auto Insurance

The full size luxury sedan offering from Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln division, sprang onto the scene in May 2008. The D3 platform shared with the Ford Taurus is where any similarity between this car and other models ends, and a $48K price tag when fully optioned made it a true luxury. Protecting these vehicles with online Lincoln MKS auto insurance quotes is the best way to make sure you do not have to spend more cash when you’ve already forked over so much in the first place.

A 3.7L Cyclone V6 Duratec engine with a six-speed automatic transmission makes the MKS a powerful blur of motion and speed that keeps up with anything. The model dropped Lincoln’s characteristic interior look for a softer modern suede trim that belies the power the engine delivers at a touch. Automatic HiD headlights, fog lights, cap-less fuel filters, 6-speaker audio systems and a light 4000 lb weight available in all-wheel or front-wheel drive, made this a peerless, though often imitated vehicle. These standards, and more recent changes with the 2009 and 2010 models, make online, easily comparable MKS car insurance quotes crucial aids to finding the best insurance coverage possible.

Adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts the MKS’ speed based on the position of the surrounding vehicles on the road to always give you a safe distance, but accidents are beyond anyone’s control. Safety features like dual front, side curtain and passenger side airbags are designed to protect you against the devastating injuries possible in a rollover, but who’s going to protect you from having to pay for the repairs out of pocket? Most drivers don’t get the normal package options for the MKS, preferring to take advantage of the optional DVD navigation systems, THX-Certified, 600-Watt sound systems and rearview cameras. Even these last features are soon to be replaced with ultrasonic parking locating and measuring sensors that make parallel parking completely ding-free. You’ve paid your dues to get all this in a vehicle that rides like a dream and your policy needs to reflect it as well. Lincoln MKS auto insurance that you can compare side by side without a huge time investment is the best way to find your options fast.

MKS car insurance quotes to keep that $37,000 vehicle in smooth running working order are best found online, and if your current coverage terms’ inadequacy or lack of value for the price you pay is getting to you, check out There are quotes there that are easy to peruse, and no matter where you are, you’ll find an insurance package to match whatever environmental conditions your neighborhood, workplace or vacation can throw at you.

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