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Lincoln MKT Auto Insurance

Lincoln has been a staple in the American auto business since 1917 when Henry M. Leland founded the company. In 1922, the Lincoln Company was sold to Ford where the Lincoln models became their higher end, luxury automobiles. Since then, Lincoln has been an iconic standard of American development, efficiency and power. Lincoln’s automobiles have been most notably recognized for their big town car styles. In recent years, Lincoln has actively sought to diversify their line of luxury vehicles, hoping especially to appeal to the more fuel efficient and fuel conscious patrons who still want the large, impressive stature of the original Lincoln design. It was this desire to make the larger sized Lincoln models more fuel efficient without losing any of their size and grandeur that prompted the development of the Lincoln MKT.

Certainly a large impressive car, the Lincoln MKT seats up to seven passengers in three rows. However, the engine of the MKT features a turbocharged gasoline direct injection system. Essentially, this newly designed engine has the same horsepower as a larger engine but boasts the higher fuel efficiency of a smaller engine, satisfying a variety of new customers concerned with better gas mileage. The MKT was also built using lighter metals and components which additionally help with fuel efficiency. The MKT gets 22 highway miles per gallon and has a horsepower of 355. It features a six-speed automatic transmission and a plethora of tempting luxury items, including its Active Park Assist system which takes the difficulty of parallel parking out of the driver’s hands while the car virtually parks itself. The spacious interior of the auto is the smoothest of smooth rides and its classic, elegant interior serves as a reminder that Lincoln has all the prestige of one of the most venerable and respected American car manufacturers. Handling of the car is efficient and precise; the engine is responsive and powerful without being overwhelmingly muscular. In essence, the Lincoln MKT is perfectly suited for the modern American market.

Of course, with a starting price tag of $44,200 for the most basic model of the MKT, this is not a cheap investment and it is imperative to protect your investment by researching MKT car insurance quotes. Unpleasant as the thought may be, the possibility of theft or accidental damage to your vehicle is real and having Lincoln MKT auto insurance is an absolute necessity. Finding MKT car insurance quotes that are affordable may seem daunting, but a visit to will prove that obtaining inexpensive Lincoln MKT auto insurance is quick and easy. Visiting the site today will save you time and money when it comes to insuring your MKT.

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