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All About Audi Vehicles

Audi has a long reputation for quality and technical innovation. The car maker has revolutionized the world of the luxury automobile with industry-transforming improvements like the galvanized car body, the 5-cylinder engine, the aluminum space frame, and the dual-clutch transmission. Today, Audi continues to lead the world of luxury cars in design and customer appreciation, even offering its own Audi auto insurance. Thanks to Audi insurance, coverage on a luxury automobile is surprisingly affordable. You don’t have to go broke covering the investment of a luxury car, yet can still enjoy the refinement of more than a century of automobile innovation.

The luxury auto maker traces its roots back to 1899 when founder August Horch started his auto career with the Horch automobile. Horch was later squeezed out of his own company in 1909, and went on to found a new car company- Audi. Forbidden by a court ruling to use his own name for his new company, Horch creatively chose the alternate name Audi. Horch in German means “Hark”, and “hark” in Latin is “audi” from which the English word Audible is derived. Though August Horch had been squeezed out of the Horch company, Horch officially merged with Audi in 1932 to form the Auto Union, creating the first vehicle to feature a six-cylinder engine with front wheel drive

Unlike other luxury autos like BMW and Mercedes, Audi’s luxury cars feature front or all wheel drive for better control and performance. The R8 5.2 FSI Quattro features a 5.2-liter V-10 engine, a six speed gear box and all wheel drive, and drive performance on all 4 wheels without compromise. The new flagship may be one of the sportiest sedans on the market, creating new standards in the luxury car industry.

Most luxury cars take not only the lucrative investment of the auto, but the cost to insure the vehicle itself. Audi maintains its tradition of innovation even when it comes to insurance coverage. Audi car insurance is surprisingly affordable considering the quality of vehicle that is being covered. Good coverage means shopping around and making sure you get the best coverage for the best price. The Audi auto insurance site has its own built in calculator so you can estimate what you’ll pay versus what you’ll get, and can then compare that to other Audi insurance offers on the web.

Audi leads the world in innovation, even when it comes to car insurance. They make luxury affordable and the protection of your auto investment cost effective. Discover the possibilities. Audi insurance doesn’t break the bank fully covering the value of your car.

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