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Audi A6 Auto Insurance

Smooth and sleek are just two words that describe this amazing car. The Audi A6 series is loaded with amazing features that improve the safety of the driver and passengers. With the amount of traveling the average driver completes in a given year, safety features are often at the top of the list of must haves in a car even before searching for your A6 car insurance quotes.

The Audi side-assist will begin monitoring the blind spots and fast approaching vehicles once the car’s speed advances past 19 miles per hour. No longer do you have to worry about those pesky blind spots and instead can feel secure knowing the blind spots are carefully controlled. The Audi A6 series also has MMI navigation plus a 40-GB hard drive with NVIDIA processor that delivers the highest quality of graphics on the seven inch, full-color screen. The real time traffic reporting and navigation assists the driver to remain safe and in control of their trip. Bluetooth and Homelink enable the driver to remain safe in their vehicle and at home. Homelink will automatically open garage doors, security gates and turn on lights at home once programmed. The safety features also include electronic stabilization program, rear view camera and disc brake wiping keeping the brakes dry in wet weather.

Audi offers the buyer the option to build their Audi A6 beyond the base option of 3.0 TESI Premium with six-speed Tiptronic automatic transmission. This base option begins at $51,025 and depending on what is chosen, the price increases from this amount. The features include 3.0 TFSI and up to 4.2 FSI ranging from 265 horsepower to 350 horsepower. The transmission is an automatic six-speed continuously variable transmission and comes with Quattros all-wheel drive. Options available include 16 inch sport package, 19 inch sport package and the cold weather package, which includes special features like heated seats. With all of this going for the vehicle, there is such a great need to protect the vehicle.

Audi A6 auto insurance is a key component to the continued safety of the vehicle. The only problem is searching for A6 car insurance quotes. So much time is wasted calling a number of insurance agents and haggling with the elements of the coverage you need. All that is needed is to visit to enter the information to obtain a variety of insurance quotes. Never before has purchasing an Audi A6 auto insurance policy been so easy. This site,, provides the driver with the ability to compare a number of quotes from different insurance companies to get you the best policy so that you can ride in confidence in your new Audi A6.

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