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Audi Q7 Auto Insurance

The Audi company began in 1909 with August Horch, who initially founded a company bearing his own last name, but was forced out of it. He continued to use the company’s name but was sued by his former partners for copyright infringement. They won the lawsuit, and Horch was barred from using his own name as a name for his company. Legend has it that his son came up with the name Audi, which means “hear” in Latin, the same meaning that “Horch” has in German. The name was apparently a rousing success with the elder Horch and the rest, as they say, is history.

Audi is known for producing luxury vehicles, but up until 2006, produced only cars. In January of that year at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the first-ever Audi SUV was released, the Audi Q7. It falls into the same category as the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class, and is designed for mostly on-road applications. The Q7 lacks the transfer case component necessary for true off-roading, and has been consistently low-rated in any off-road tests. It does, however, have a permanent four-wheel drive system with a differential lock, which makes driving over rough roads a far smoother experience. Finding Audi Q7 auto insurance can also be a rough experience, as the vehicle is expensive to both purchase and maintain, due to Audi’s attention to detail and a long list of features.

This SUV is still in its first generation, and there are multiple versions of the vehicle available, as well as several engine types, including a diesel fuel option for cleaner burning. The horsepower generated by most Q7 model engines ranges from 250 to 350, but there is one model, the V12 TDI, which employs a twelve cylinder engine and can output almost 500 hp. Other versions of the SUV include the Audi Coastline, which featured yacht-inspired wood detailing, and the 2007 Q7 Hybrid. This SUV has also received several awards, most notably in the category of safety. In 2008, it was awarded the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s “top safety pick award.” The NHSTA gave the Q7 a five star rating for both front and side impacts.

As with any vehicle, safety makes a difference when it comes to insurance. Q7 car insurance quotes are often less expensive than other SUVs, owing to its high safety ratings and quality construction. But while Audi Q7 auto insurance is plentiful, many of the policies on the web offer limited coverage or a large deductible. helps consumers find the best Q7 car insurance quotes available by offering comparisons from all of the major insurance competitors in the United States, giving them the edge when it comes to finding Q7 auto insurance.

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