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Michigan Car Insurance

There’s no way of getting around the fact that Michigan winters can be brutal. Combined with the traffic that Michiganites can face as they commute to and from work in Detroit or Lansing and it’s no wonder why the state requires that all motorists maintain adequate car insurance at all times. To help ease the stress that can be involved in finding cheap car insurance quotes, has partnered with companies such as Allstate, Farmers’ Insurance Group and to help our customers find Michigan car insurance from companies they can trust at the prices they will be glad to pay.

Michigan Car Insurance Minimums

Unlike most of the nation, Michigan is one of the few no-fault states in the country. They implemented this policy to help keep insurance costs at a minimum and reduce the frequency of vehicle–related lawsuits that are filed. For this reason, every Michigan motorist is required to obtain Personal Injury Protection (PIP) to cover medical expenses, lost wages and funeral expenses regardless of who was at fault in the accident. While PIP coverage can be costly, a driver can obtain only a minimum amount of coverage if they have a good health insurance policy for themselves.

There are exceptions to the no-fault policy for the state of Michigan, however. If the cost of medical treatment exceeds a certain dollar amount or if the accident was found to be extremely severe, then the at-fault driver may be held liable for the damages anyway. Therefore, every Michigander is also required to have a minimum liability policy for their vehicle as well. The minimum requirement for the state of Michigan is 20/40/10 to cover bodily injury and property damages.

• Bodily Injury Liability- Covers damages to the other driver and their passengers when the insured driver is found to be at-fault in an accident. Under the minimum coverage, the insurance will pay $20,000 to a single person and up to $40,000 for multiple persons involved in the accident.
• Property Damage Liability- In the event that the other person’s vehicle, public property (such as guard rails and road signs), or private property (such as a person’s home) is damaged in an accident, the minimum property damage liability coverage will pay a maximum of $10,000 for damages.

With the ever-rising costs of medical expenses and repairs, the minimum coverage required by the state of Michigan will likely no be sufficient to cover the expenses, leaving the insured person covering the rest out of pocket. For this reason, the state of Michigan strongly recommends that all motorists carry better-than-minimum coverage for their vehicles as well as Comprehensive and Collision insurance to cover damages to their vehicle if they were at fault or the vehicle was damaged by an act of nature or wildlife.

Even though Michigan law requires that all motorists have the minimum insurance for their vehicle, many motorists fail to obey these laws. Combined with the fact that many states minimum coverage does not meet Michigan requirements, it is easy to see why Michigan also highly recommends that their motorists obtain Uninsured Motorist protection for their vehicles. Uninsured Motorist protection pays for damages to the insured’s vehicle if the other driver’s insurance isn’t sufficient or the vehicle is damaged in a hit and run.

Shopping for car insurance can be time consuming and many people don’t think there is really that much difference in price in the first place and therefore makes the mistake of going with the first company they find. understands that no one wants to spend hours on the computer comparing car insurance quotes and that is why has streamlined the process for our customers. After entering their Zip code and answering some general questions about their driving history, will come back with multiple low-cost Michigan car insurance quotes in a matter of moments; allowing or customers to choose the car insurance policy that fits their needs and their budget.

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