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Louisiana Car Insurance

Whether it is from driving through the rugged bayou or sitting through the high winds and hail from a hurricane, Louisiana offers many hazards to its motorists. To help ensure that your vehicle is well protected it is very important to maintain adequate car insurance coverage for your vehicle at all times. understands how difficult it can be to find low cost car insurance quotes online from reputable companies that you feel comfortable doing business with. That is why has partnered with companies such as, Progressive and AIG; giving our customers the piece of mind they deserve.

Louisiana Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Like many states in the country, Louisiana requires that every motorist carries a minimum liability policy for their vehicle to cover damages to the other person’s property and any medical expenses they incur from the accident. The minimum requirements for bodily injury liability and property damage liability in the state of Louisiana are 10/20/10, with each number representing the minimum coverage in thousands of dollars.

• Bodily Injury Liability- In the event that the insured party is held responsible for the accident, bodily injury liability covers the medical expenses for persons in the other vehicle. If the minimum coverage is obtained, the insurance company will pay $10,000 for a single person up to a maximum of $20,000 for all persons involved in the accident.
• Property Damage Liability- This type of insurance covers damages to the other person’s vehicle as well as public and/or private property which may have been involved in the accident. Under minimum coverage the insurance company will pay a maximum of $10,000 to cover losses incurred during the accident.

Because Louisiana requires much lower minimum car insurance coverage than most other states it is highly recommended that all motorists obtain liability coverage well above the required amounts as well as Comprehensive and Collision insurance to cover damages to the insured’s vehicle in the event they are found to be the at-fault party in the accident or their vehicle is damaged due to an act of nature or wildlife.

Even though it is state law to maintain a minimum liability policy, many residents do not abide by this law and even if they do, the minimum required coverage is rarely sufficient to cover damages it is also recommended that all Louisianans carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection on their vehicles even though the state does not require it. UM protection helps pay for damages to the insured’s vehicle if the at-fault party fails to maintain sufficient coverage on the vehicle.

Many people would think that because of the low minimum coverage required by the state, Louisiana’s insurance premiums would be fairly low. In fact, Louisiana has the highest average car insurance premiums in the country. Even with the average cost of premiums dropping 3.4% from $2833 in 2006 to $2740 in 2007, it is still much higher than the national average of $1896. Of course, these premiums are only the average figure and many Louisiana residents pay much higher and lower premium rates depending on factors such as their driving records, credit history and the type of vehicle they drive. is dedicated to helping Louisiana residents find the lowest possible car insurance quotes online every day. After entering their Zip code on our website and answering a few questions about their driving history, scours our online partners to find multiple Louisiana specific car insurance quotes that our customers can choose from. Allowing them to find low cost Louisiana car insurance from a company they know will be there when they need them the most.

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