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Shreveport Car Insurance

Other than perhaps New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Louisiana is one the most famous cities in Louisiana, and it even served as the state’s capital temporarily during the Civil War. In the last two decades, the city’s been revitalized through tourists and gambling companies, and Shreveport’s “Streetscape” project added art and beauty to the city’s streets. Shreveport boasts the third largest metropolitan area in Louisiana, according to U.S. census data.

The city is also fairly large geographically, and contains a number of neighborhoods. These neighborhoods become important when a driver is looking for Shreveport auto insurance quotes; certain neighborhoods will have much higher and lower numbers of car accidents than others, which directly affects the statistic tables that car insurance companies use to decide rates. Another major factor is incidence of auto theft, and if a driver is paying for comprehensive car insurance, his or her premiums will go up in high-theft areas. State minimums for car insurance throughout Louisiana are $15,000/30,000 for bodily injury liability (meaning coverage of $15,000 for body injury liability per person involved in an accident, with minimum coverage for two other persons injured in an accident); and a $25,000 personal property damage limit. These minimums were recently changed, and Shreveport car insurance quotes may have changed in the last year due to the changes; many premiums will be a bit higher in 2010.

Drivers looking to get lower rates for their Shreveport car insurance should take two courses of action. First, do anything you can to decrease your risk of claims, from a car insurance company’s perspective. Take defensive driving courses, which are offered in Louisiana and can lower your rates considerably. Keep a clean record, and try to prevent the possibility of car theft by parking in a closed location at night. You may even consider a car alarm; contact your insurer to see if they offer discounts for drivers that use auto theft systems, and ask for any other tips to lower your rate. Second, you’ll need to get as many Shreveport car insurance quotes as you can, as these can be extremely helpful when negotiating low premiums without sacrificing coverage.

To get as many accurate quotes as possible, drivers should use online car insurance comparison websites. We provide a simple way to look up quotes from major car insurance companies by simply entering in your zip code. Quotes for car insurance in the Shreveport area vary quite a bit, and it certainly helps to have several quotes to compare. With the right research, any Shreveport driver can find good amounts of coverage at a great rate.

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