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Lafayette Car Insurance

The city of Lafayette, LA currently has a population of just over 110,000. This “unofficial capital of Cajun country” has shown a 3% population increase in the last eight years, according to With a median age of 33 years, Lafayette tends to be a city that operates in the typical southern way, slow and steady – at least until the band starts playing. Lafayette sits firmly in the middle of “Cajun country” and enjoys a rich cultural heritage, including French, Spanish and Native American influences, just to name a few. The city itself is located a mere 35 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico and comes complete with a southern sub-tropical climate. Parkas and gloves are not required in this city.

The history of Lafayette stretches back to 1755, according to the official Lafayette County website, when a group of French settlers from Nova Scotia (known at the time as Acadie); were expelled by the English governor. These Acadians, as they came to be known, were eventually granted leave by the King of Spain to settle in Louisiana in 1784. They migrated westward into central Louisiana after being poorly received by the French aristocracy in the larger cities. In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase made this region a part of the United States and Americans, who had trouble with the word “Acadian,” abbreviated and changed it to “Cajun.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Lafayette itself was originally called Vermilionville, and began as a plot of land donated for a Catholic church by an Acadian named Jean Mouton. After the settlement around the church grew, Mouton donated another plot of land for a courthouse. In 1884, the town was renamed Lafayette in honor of the French Marquis de Lafayette. The entirety of the Lafayette parish now has over 200,000 people, most of who identify as “white,” according to a 2008 US census. This is misleading, however, as almost all of the inhabitants of the area are from a mixed stock of French, Spanish, African, Native American, and other European cultures. This leads to a city both extremely diverse and culturally active.

Lafayette enjoys the spicy food and soulful music of Cajun culture, and still retains a small-town feel. Population is on the rise, however, and that also means more cars on the road. Often, people don’t think about getting Lafayette car insurance quotes until it is too late, and they’re stuck with a huge loss. We can help stop that before it happens. A trusted name in Lafayette car insurance, we’re ready online to provide instant Lafayette auto insurance quotes as long as you provide us your postal code. We can get you set up and safe in no time.

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