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Indiana Car Insurance

Because of its central location on the map, Indiana’s roads are frequently traveled as motorists drive North, South, East and West around the country. Combined with the lake effect snowfall around Lake Michigan and Hoosiers have plenty of road hazards that make maintaining adequate automobile insurance coverage an absolute necessity. is dedicated to helping Indiana residents find the lowest priced insurance quotes online from companies they can trust such as Farmers’ Insurance Group, Allstate and Progressive. Whether you need a quote for a new or used car you recently purchased or want a lower-priced policy for your current vehicle, can help.

Indiana Car Insurance Requirements

Like every other state in the USA, Indiana requires that its residents maintain at least a minimum amount of liability coverage for their vehicles to pay for damages to the other vehicle if they are found to be the at-fault party in an accident. At this time the minimum bodily injury liability and property damage liability coverage in The Hoosier State is 25/50/10, with each number representing the minimum amount of coverage in thousands of dollars that is required.

•    Bodily Injury Liability- Bodily injury liability insurance covers medical expenses for injured persons in the other vehicle. Under a minimum policy, the insurance company will pay up to $25,000 for a single person with a maximum of $50,000 if more than one person is involved.
•    Property Damage Liability- In the event that the other vehicle is damaged or there is damage to other property such as buildings or guard rails, the minimum property damage liability coverage will pay a maximum of $15,000 to cover repair costs.

Indiana highly recommends that its motorists carry better than the minimum liability coverage because of the rising costs of medical treatment and vehicle repairs. It is also recommended that Hoosiers carry Comprehensive and Collision coverage to help pay for damage to the insured’s vehicle if they are found to be responsible for the accident or their vehicle is damaged by an act of nature or an animal.

It is also recommended that Indiana motorists obtain Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection for their vehicles. Though Indiana law requires every resident to have the minimum coverage for their vehicles, many Indianans as well as motorists from other states fail to have adequate coverage. UM protection helps pay for damages to the insured’s vehicle in this event or if their vehicle is damaged in a hit and run.

Though Indiana residents saw a slight increase in the average cost of the price they pay for car insurance premiums (up 1.3% from $1463 in 2006 to $1481 in 2007), Hoosiers can still expect to pay less, on average, than 44 of the other states in the country. understands the high costs of maintaining a vehicle and that is why searches online for our customers to find them the lowest possible car insurance quotes so they can choose the insurance policy that both fits their needs and their budgets. After entering their Zip code and then answering a few general questions regarding their driving history, will search our partner companies and come back with low-priced quotes in a matter of moments. Visit every time you need quotes on car insurance in Indiana.

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