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Fort Wayne Car Insurance

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the second largest city in the “Hoosier State,” overshadowed only by the speed car racing capital of America, Indianapolis. Fort Wayne is located in the northeast corner of Indiana, bordered to the north by Michigan and to the east by Ohio. According to the Journal Gazette, the current population of Fort Wayne is 251,000, placing it as the 73rd biggest city in the United States.

Fort Wayne was first established due to its various important rivers and as a place where European settlers met to trade valuable goods and resources. Fort Wayne began as a settlement when French priests and missionaries discovered it while traveling south from a journey returning from Lake Michigan. A port was built that connected the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes. Growing tension between the original French Settlers and increasing numbers of British soldiers invading the area lead to the famous French and Indian War. After finally suffering defeat, the French lost the territory to the United Kingdom. The British controlled the area until the late 1700’s, when American troops, after two failed attempts, gained control of the territory once and for all.

Currently, Fort Wayne’s economy is based on health and auto insurance, education, logistics, and healthcare. Its downtown and metro areas are booming with large corporations in some of the most lucrative industries such as National Defense and Security. Fort Wayne is known for its extreme climate, with temperatures in the summer reaching over a hundred degrees, while winters see frequent snowfall and below zero temperatures. These extreme conditions make finding the right car insurance an absolute must for Fort Wayne’s citizens.

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