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Evansville Car Insurance

Evansville, Indiana is a keystone city in the Tri-State area. Often heralded as the social and economic center of the Tri-State region, Evansville is the 3rd largest city in Indiana. It boasts over 120,000 people in the city itself and 300,000 in the surrounding metropolitan area, according to the Evansville city website. The city was originally incorporated on January 27, 1847 by General Robert M. Evans, who the city is named for. Evans was recruited to assist in the incorporation by Hugh McGary, who purchased the original 200 acres of land that Evansville stands on in 1812. Because of its location and importance in the region, Evansville supports a high volume of commuter traffic, especially from its outlying suburban communities. Evansville car insurance from a reliable broker is a must.

Interesting information about Evansville includes that it is actually located in the central time zone, unlike most of the rest of the state. This means that citizens of the city must “spring forward” and “fall back” an hour each year for daylight savings time. Evansville was also of note during the civil war. Located just north of the Mason-Dixon Line, all residents of the city had to show a pass in order to be able to cross the Ohio River into Kentucky. Weather in the region is temperate, with the high side of average temperatures reaching 72 degrees and the low average hovering around the freezing mark. The University located in the city also has a storied history, with its inception coming in 1854. The University of Evansville has been named one of America’s 10 best colleges by US News.

Evansville has an average resident age of 36 years, and has experienced a minor decline in population over the last 10 years. This has not slowed its economic growth, however, as it is home to several company headquarters and production plants. Traffic law in Evansville permits right-turns on red lights in safety, as well as left-turns on reds from a one way street to a one-way street. Residential speed limits are generally 30 miles per hour.

Although the city is, by all accounts, safe, clean and friendly, having the proper auto insurance as you make your way around Evansville is crucial. As a leading insurance company in the nation, we can help you get the best Evansville auto insurance quotes around, simply by visiting our website. Drop by, let us know what your zip code is, and we’ll get you some Evansville car insurance quotes right away. In consultation with one of our insurance experts, we can help you find the policy that best suits your needs for all of your travel in and around Evansville.

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