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When you hear the brand name Volvo, one word comes to mind: safety. This is the feature upon which the Swedish car manufacturer places its number one priority. Volvo was founded in Sweden in 1927and has remained one the leading companies in safety innovation, right beside the well-respected Swedish competitor Saab. Currently, Volvo is owned by the American company Ford, but even after the transition the high standard for safety has always been maintained.

Even before government safety regulations, Volvo marketed their vehicles under their reputation as being sturdy and reliable. Volvo has been rewarded with a long list of safety milestones. To name a few: the first safety cage, anchor points for 2 and 3 point front and rear safety belts, padded instrument panel, safety doors and childproof locks on rear doors, Side Impact Protection System, Whiplash Protection System, and the collision warning feature. Volvo invests heavily in safety innovation and testing, and when you get behind the wheel of a Volvo, you know that you are going to be one the safest and most protected drivers on the road in the case of an accident.

Volvo makes sturdy, heavy framed, larger sized cars that are meant to last. Currently Volvo manufactures models ranging from coupes, sedans, saloons, executive sedans, SUVs and station wagons. Volvo has become so popular worldwide that they presently have 2,500 dealerships actively in business. Traditionally Volvo vehicles were designed in the station wagon or box shape but in late 1974 Volvo began to modernize their fleet and moved into sportier performance models such as the Volvo 240 Turbo, which was a huge success, selling almost three million worldwide during a twenty year span. Volvo's current models use a system of letters which indicate the body style followed by a series number. S stands for saloon /sedan, C for coupe /convertible, V for versatile such as in an estate car. The XC is used for the cross country models. Volvo also has a few SUV models, which have been highly popular as some of the safest SUVs on the road. Some of Volvo's latest innovative vehicles are the Volvo Recharge and also a series of Flexible-Fuel vehicles.

Since Volvo's are generally known as the safest cars on the road, car insurance companies will be happy to cover you with Volvo insurance. A safer car on the road means that if you are involved in an accident your Volvo auto insurance company is much less likely to have to pay for bodily harm or death. Remember to shop around to find the best deal on your Volvo car insurance.

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