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Volvo C70 Auto Insurance

Volvo has a reputation for fairly large cars, but the C70 is sportier, sleeker, and a lot more fun than many of their other models. The C70 was introduced as a coupe and soft-top, but current C70 models feature a 3-piece convertible hardtop. Features aren’t the only thing that make or break a car, but the ones incorporated into the C70 aren’t shabby at all.

The features of the C70 made it a very well received car when it was introduced. It’s the first vehicle from Volvo to eschew their traditional design aesthetics, featuring a very sporty, modern look while staying fairly light compared to other Volvos at about 3,800 pounds. The engine for a newer C70 is either a 2.4 liter 125 kW or a 2.5 liter, 162 kW. At a combined 22 miles per gallon (19 city and 28 highway), it’s not the greenest car on the road, but certainly not the worst coupe, either. Convertibles have a shaky reputation with safety testing, but the C70 fared very well in recent IIHS tests, receiving a “Top Safety Pick” award. The additional safety features of the C70 have been very beneficial to C70 car insurance quotes, as they decrease the potential of a serious medical claim.

It’s not all good news, though, for C70 owners. The MSRP of the C70 is $40,000, which isn’t a big positive for C70 car insurance quotes; expensive cars are at a higher risk of theft and expensive repairs, which is why their drivers usually pay higher car insurance premiums. As safe as the C70 may be, it’s also not nearly as safe as many SUVs and minivans, and almost all convertibles are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident. Ultimately, the cost of Volvo C70 auto insurance is fairly high, and it’s important for drivers to look into every possible method to keep their premiums affordable. For instance, installing an anti-theft alarm on a C70 will often lead to an insurance discount, since it decreases the risk of theft (and theft can be a big problem for Volvos and C70s in particular). Parking in a locked garage can also help.

The best course of action for drivers is to look for low cost Volvo C70 auto insurance online. Drivers pay less if they’re able to consider multiple quotes before making a purchase, so using the quote tool at to view several quotes can give a driver an enormous advantage. It makes it possible to quickly compare several policies in order to make a smart decision. Never sacrifice coverage to get a lower premium–compare instead, and you’ll be able to find a policy from a company you can trust at a reasonable, affordable price.

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