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Ever wonder where the short lived life of Saturn automobiles originated? Saturn, the car marquee born under General Motors, came about in 1985, as a response to the high volume and immense popularity of Japanese automobiles in the American market. It seemed a big gamble for GM, as this was the first new brand to be released in over seventy years. Based right in the heart of America's headquarters for car production, Detroit, Michigan, this brand broke into the US market under the advertising scheme "A different kind of car, a different kind of Car Company." To further differentiate the product line, operations were moved to Tennessee to a completely new production plant. Not quite reaching the success hoped for in the US and facing the tough economic crisis, Saturn's production has been halted as of September 2009 and is expected to be completely shut down by the end of 2010. As Saturn's original small and fuel efficient designs were targeted to directly challenge the Hondas and Toyotas becoming increasingly popular in the US, Saturn failed to meet the consumer demand for bigger vehicles. Saturn's last five years were spent without even designing a new model and ignoring the common American requests for (strangely enough) bigger, gas guzzling vehicles.

The story of Saturn is somewhat tragic, as Saturn sprang up as a "fighter brand" that was created to take on the emergent threat of the fuel efficient Japanese brands taking over in the US. Saturn was labeled by Business Week as the "American answer to the Japanese challenge." Although Saturn enjoyed great sales, the bottom line that led to their failure was the lack of a profitable product. The impact of the failed Saturn project has directly resulted in the current precarious situation in which GM finds itself. Many lessons have been learned from the rise and fall of Saturn, perhaps the most important is to not be too overambitious.

During its existence, Saturn did produce some quality vehicles such as the highly successful S series, the SUV known as the Vue, the Aura, Outlook, and Roadster. If you are currently driving a Saturn, even though the brand is on its way out, you still can find Saturn insurance and Saturn service. Remember to compare prices and to get direct quotes so that you can find the best deal on your Saturn car insurance. Also, by using any discounts that you qualify for, you can further reduce how much you spend on Saturn auto insurance. Maintaining a good driving record and adding anti theft devices to your car also helps lower Saturn auto insurance rates.

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