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The Saturn Roadster is a highly sought after vehicle. With its impressive look and style, the car is known for its handling ability and comfort. Available in different colors, the Roadster is often compared with the Corvette. The vehicle consists of a 2.4 liter, with 16 valves and 173 horsepower. This is complemented by 5800 rpm, and a premier 5-speed manual transmission. You normally get 19 mpg within city driving, and 25 mpg on the highway. The Roadster handles like a dream, and is equipped for speed enhancement. Several models have been showcased at car shows and conventions. With rear wheel drive, this fantastic convertible is also available in different models.

The Sky Base Roadster is priced at $27,595. It includes a 4-front engine with 173 horsepower. The Sky model takes unleaded fuel, and comes in a variety of colors. This model features a unique trim, with two doors and a GM Kappa platform. The Sky Based Roadster was designed by Franz von Holzhausen, and is assembled in Wilmington, Delaware. This model car was introduced in 2006, and was officially launched a year after. Now in the full production, the Sky Roadster is a leading seller, and one of Saturn's top models. The 2010-11 model features additional design enhancements and options.

In addition to the Base Roadster, the Sky Red Line roadster is also a top seller. Its classy red appearance catches the eye, while offering a 4-front engine as well. The model focuses on maximum capacity, with 260 horsepower speed. The Sky Red Line Roadster is priced at $31,905, and has received several awards. If you own a Roadster, you can find the best car insurance quotes online. From pricing to rate comparisons, you can effectively insure your model with high quality insurance. Roadster car insurance quotes are easy to access and widely available. Saturn Roadster auto insurance will protect your vehicle, and meet your needs within time and budget. is the best place to find Roadster car insurance quotes. With user-friendly online tools, you can browse through an extensive array of prices and quotes. No matter your model, you can easily find the right type of vehicle coverage. Our website specializes in Saturn Roadster auto insurance. From insurance updates to discounted quotes, you simply can't find a better service. Simply input the vehicle details to receive instant quotes. We connect you to a wide selection of quotes and insurance depots. Simply compare quotes, prices, and levels of insurance at your convenience. We provide local, state, and nationwide listings as well. You can also review a specific provider's market ratings and information. For the best Roadster Car Insurance quotes, go no further than

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