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All About Saab Vehicles

Saab automobiles are not very common but are well respected in the US. Saab began as a Swedish Airplane Company, and was founded in Sweden in 1947. Since its beginning, Saab has been known for its innovative technology, ergonomic design, environmentally friendly production and use of superchargers in order to increase engine power. The turbocharger design is powered by a turbine that uses the engine’s own exhaust to get a boost, rather than a mechanical drive as most other manufacturers use.

Saab has always been a company that has led the industry with innovate design and boasts a long list of break-through designs that have became an industry standard. Saab was the first car manufacturer to equip a car with seat belts as a standard. Saab also invented and implemented the first headlamp wipers and washers, the first heated seat belts, the first self-repairing bumper, the first interior air and pollen filter, the first split side mirror which eliminates the driver’s blind spot, asbestos free brake pads, whiplash reducing head restraints, and ventilated seats. There are many more inventions that can be found on the official Saab website,

Saab not only develops and implements top performance designs, but puts first priority on safety for drivers. An interesting fact is that in Sweden, hitting oversized elk is one of the most dangerous hazards while driving. Before a car is produced by Saab, it must be tested and pass extreme safety tests which secure it against hitting elk, some of the most damaging obstacles in Sweden. When you buy a Saab, you can be assured that it will hold up fine in the case of an accident. Saab has performed such detailed safety tests and accident research that they have pinpointed and addressed commonly unknown safety features. One example is the implementation of the floor mounted ignition. This gives more space between the driver and the steering column. In most other brands, the space is much more cramped and can lead to knee injuries in the case of an accident.

If you are looking for Saab insurance, the best place to start is online. You can fill out forms with your information in order to get insurance quotes. As you know Saab automobiles are not very common in the US, so repairs can get pricey. For this reason, Saab actually offers their own Saab car insurance coverage to their loyal customers. The Saab auto insurance is worth looking into, as they provide all car care, repair and even rental cars when needed. The more safety features your Saab has, the lower your Saab auto insurance rates will be.

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