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Saab 9-2 Auto Insurance

The Saab 9-2, also known as the 9-2X, was produced in a joint venture by GM and Subaru in 2004. It was based on the Subaru Impreza platform, but had an altered suspension and interior. Due to its close ties with the Subaru brand and Impreza platform, it was nicknamed the “Saabaru” before its release. The 9-2 was built as a station wagon, and was sold as only one version. It sold only for one year in North America, as the GM/Subaru relationship fell apart in 2005, ending the car’s run. Overall, only 10,000 of these cars were produced, and sales were slow from the beginning. Incentives on the cars helped to boost sales, but they were disliked, especially by Saab loyalists, who felt that they were not true to the brand. Every production model shipped to North American was sold, but with only 10,000 in total potentially still in operation, finding 9-2 car insurance quotes can often be hit-or-miss.

The 2005-2006 9-2 started at just over $23,000 for a basic model, and topped out at just over $33,000 for all of the extras. The engine remained the same – a 2.5 liter 230 hp Subaru model which was supercharged and naturally aspirated. The 2006 model featured optional upgrades such as leather trim and an in-dash 6 CD player, as well as heated seats and a moon-roof. In many respects, the 9-2 looked a great deal like the Subaru WRX, but the front and rear fascias, along with the hood, were designs specific to Saab.

Despite its identity crisis, the 9-2 did excel in the area of safety, and received “Good” ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2005-2006 for its performance during front and side impact crash tests. The 9-2 also passed the Saab “moose test,” which is a test used in Europe to determine if a car is able to swerve to avoid a large object, such as a moose, at high velocity, and then return to its original lane without skidding off of the road. Almost all vehicles created by Saab have been subjected to this test and, not surprisingly, the 9-2 performed well.

Those looking for Saab 9-2 auto insurance will often find it difficult to track down a company that can provide a reasonable rate, as so few of these cars are still being driven on American highways. For owners seeking reasonable 9-2 car insurance quotes, can be of assistance. By scouring the web for the best deals on Saab 9-2 auto insurance, we bring customers the convenience of multiple insurance quotes almost instantly, and displayed in an easy-to-read layout that allows for quick comparison of all of the 9-2 insurance offers currently available.

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