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All About Oldsmobile Vehicles

Oldsmobile is an automobile brand that is currently extinct but during its 107 year history had many high points. Oldsmobile was first established in 1897 and spent most of its existence produced under General Motors. The end of the Oldsmobile era brought closure to America’s longest standing marque, and also one of the oldest in the world, only to be outlived by Germany’s Daimler and France’s Peugeot. Oldsmobiles were first produced in Michigan after being founded by Ransom Olds in1897. During its fourth year of production Oldsmobile produced over 400 cars, which at the time made it the first high volume automobile manufacturer. Oldsmobile went on to become the highest selling company and continued to have success, leading to the acquisition by General Motors in 1908.

Oldsmobile continued to produce quality vehicles at an astonishing rate, and by 1940 produced the first fully automatic transmission, a feat yet to be accomplished by competitors. The only interruption in Oldsmobile’s automobile production was during World War II, when Oldsmobile shifted their focus to war efforts, producing guns and ammunition. In the post-war years, Oldsmobile resumed their innovative design and invented the “rocket” engine which used a high compression V8 design which was unique in the industry. Advantages of the newly designed V8 engine, also known as the “push rod engine” included a more compact design and a less complex drive system. Oldsmobile sales skyrocketed all the way into the 1970s and 80s, based on positive reviews from consumers and a loyal following of the rocket V8 engine.

Some of Oldsmobile’s most notable models during its highest selling era were the Cutlass Supreme, the Oldsmobile 98, Tornado, Omega, Cutlass, Customer Cruiser, Starfire, and the Firenza. Entering into the 1990s, Oldsmobile ran into its first rough spots. Oldsmobile slowly began to get faded out by the new Chevrolet and Pontiac divisions, also produced by GM. By December 2000, GM announced that Oldsmobile would be gradually phased out. Ironically the last model to ever be produced by Oldsmobile was the Bravada SUV, which was warmly received and became an instant hit.

Even though Oldsmobile automobiles are no longer being manufactured, if you drive one, you must have Oldsmobile car insurance. When you first look for Oldsmobile auto insurance, it is best to contact different companies in order to compare prices. Always check to see which discounts you qualify for in order to pay less on your Oldsmobile insurance. Also, remember to choose the correct liability coverage in order to cover those unexpected driving mishaps.

  • Oldsmobile Alero Auto Insurance

    Manufactured from 1999 to 2004, the Oldsmobile Alero was the last compact car produced by the company. During its five year lifespan, it was available as either a two-door coupe or a four-door sedan. Its overall design and capabilities changed very little over this time and it borrowed several main features such as the chassis…

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  • Oldsmobile Bravada Auto Insurance

    The Oldsmobile Bravada was first released in 1991 with two more generations being unveiled before the company was phased out in 2004. The brand started out as a truck-based all-wheel drive vehicle with anti-lock brakes. The second generation was released in 1996 and the overall design was more aesthetically pleasing containing less straight lines and…

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  • Oldsmobile Cutlass Auto Insurance

    The name Cutlass has been known in the automobile industry since 1961. Originating as a high-level trim in Oldsmobile’s first generation compact, the F-85, it transformed over the years to become a line of cars in its own right. Since then, the Cutlass has been released in a number of models designed to suit a…

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