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Oldsmobile Cutlass Auto Insurance

The name Cutlass has been known in the automobile industry since 1961. Originating as a high-level trim in Oldsmobile’s first generation compact, the F-85, it transformed over the years to become a line of cars in its own right. Since then, the Cutlass has been released in a number of models designed to suit a variety of buyers and both budget and luxury vehicles have been released. The versatility of the Cutlass led to its success and is the reason why it lasted for over thirty years. Each of these cars is a part of American heritage and should be protected by an Oldsmobile Cutlass auto insurance policy.

Over the years, the Cutlass has been released as a coupe, sedan and station wagon. Throughout its lifespan, many variations took place. Examples of this include the 1973 Cutlass Salon, a luxury sedan similar in style to the Pontiac Grand Am, and the family-friendly 1984 Cutlass Ciera, Oldsmobile’s top-selling car at the time. The final edition was released in 1997 and was a minimal design offering standard components with some of the trademark Oldsmobile design features. It was a placeholder between the Achieva and the Alero which would eventually replace it. With this immense variety, it may help to search for Cutlass car insurance quotes for your specific vehicle through one of the many online companies specializing in this service.

The specifications and components of the Cutlass line have varied along with the outward design of these particular cars. V8, V6 or I6 engines of different capacities have been used which affects the overall gas mileage of each individual automobile. Some cars have stood out from the rest during this time, however. The 1992 Cutlass Ciera ranked “Best in Price Class” in a study conducted by J.D. Power and Associates. The Cutlass has always striven to be an affordable yet versatile car and awards like this confirm the success of the line. Of course, flexibility and cost-effectiveness have to be considered when taking out Oldsmobile Cutlass auto insurance as well.

The range of Cutlass automobiles has been around for decades and it is important to preserve these pieces of our history. If an accident does occur, make sure that you are covered by a good insurance policy so that you can afford the repairs to get your classic car back to its factory condition. If you are still looking for the best plan, can help. They have done the necessary research for you and can show you which policies can actually save you money while still protecting your vehicle. This is a truly convenient way to sort through Cutlass car insurance quotes and find the best one for you and your car.

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