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The Mercedes logo is known and respected in every corner of the world as an automobile brand of quality, safety, sophistication, and elegance. Mercedes Benz owners are familiar with the quality and consistency of their vehicles. The circular, three pointed logo is most commonly seen as hood ornaments on Mercedes Benz and its meaning is interesting and well thought- out. Each point of the star symbolizes something different: the first point represents celestial bodies such as stars and comets, the second point stands for decoration of plants (a wreath surrounds the circle) and finally the last point stands for flags or official seals. A most recent interpretation claims that the three points stand for earth, sea and air, the three areas in which Mercedes Benz has been involved.

The origins of Mercedes Benz begin in Germany and go back to1886, when Karl Benz invented the first petrol powered motorcycle. The other half of Mercedes Benz is fellow German Gottlieb Daimler, who marketed his first petrol run automobile at the beginning of the 20th century. By combining forces, these two German geniuses were able to create innovative safety and forward thinking technology that founded the industry standard for automobile production. Currently, Mercedez-Benz is known as one of the industry leaders for safety and durability.

Mercedes technology and quality made vehicles are not limited to automobiles. Mercedes also manufacturers some of the world's top trucks, vans, buses, Formula One racing cars, and even bicycles. One interesting fact about Mercedes is that they produce the worlds' one and only "Pope-mobile" a bullet proof vehicle that provides ultimate safety. Some of the most common Mercedes road vehicles are the following: the A class, B class, C class, E class, G class, M class, R class, and S class. Amongst the variations of each model, Mercedes produces coupes, hatchbacks sedans, SUV and cross country vehicles, minivans and roadsters.

If you are lucky enough to own a Mercedes Benz, you already know that your vehicle will be covered by some of the world's best service plans and warranties. The quality is so high that with proper maintenance you can easily surpass 200,000 miles, a feat that very few car manufacturers can boast of. When it comes to finding Mercedes car insurance, make sure you shop around for the best deal. You will find that all of the safety features may actually qualify you for discounts on your Mercedes auto insurance. Small items of security, such as parking in a garage, can further secure the best Mercedes insurance price.

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