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Mercedes CL-Class Auto Insurance

An icon of class and grace, Mercedes Benz has produced hundreds of models of beautiful and powerful automobiles over the years. Their automobiles have been featured in film, print and television and have become a large part of American and European culture. One of their most popular models is the Mercedes Benz CL-Class auto. The CL is a two-door, two-seater coupe and its sleek aerodynamic shape is both powerful and eye catching. The CL is produced in Mercedes’ German manufacturing plants. The CL stands for Comfort Leicht in German which translates into Comfort Light in English. The current generation of CL-Class is available in four different models; CL 500 4Matic, CL600, CL63 AMG and the CL65 AMG, with the CL65 AMG being the most powerful of the four types.

The CL 500 4Matic and the CL63 AMG both have V8 engines while the CL600 and the CL65 AMG have the larger and more powerful V12 engines. The V8 engine weighs 5.5 liters and has 382 horsepower. The V12 engine also weighs 5.5 liters and has 510 horsepower. The cars with the V8 engines go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.4 seconds while the cars featuring the more powerful V12 engine reach that same speed in 4.6 seconds. All four models have a maximum speed of 155 miles per hour, a feature which most German auto manufacturers utilize. The 2010 price for these cars ranges from $110,800 to $207,200.

Reviews of the autos are raving positive across the board. The smooth ride, effortless acceleration and satisfying power are designed to make a driver feel luxurious, powerful, completely in control and also completely safe. The handling is exquisite, the torque perfectly matched to the cars speed and size and of course the comfort which the car is named after are all part of what makes this such a beautiful and lavish indulgence. The famous German engineering which has gone into the design and production of the cars is well worth the fairly steep price tag. This is a car that makes a driver feel like a king!

So, as king of your Mercedes CL-Class domain, it is of absolute necessity to ensure the safety of that domain. While accident or theft may seem like unpleasant possibilities it is imperative to be prepared for them and purchase Mercedes CL-Class auto insurance. Many CL-Class car insurance quotes can be expensive.

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