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Lexus is an extremely popular luxury division of the Japanese based Toyota corporation. In its relatively short span of twenty one years, Lexus has had massive success in the US and has established itself as the highest selling brand of luxury cars. Lexus is manufactured in Japan, but it's ranking as number one in customer service and durability is shared by consumers worldwide. Consumer reports have listed the Lexus brand as on the top five most reliable cars out of more than one million vehicles throughout the US.

Lexus began as a branch off of Toyota, which ironically has never been known as a luxury brand, but instead as an affordable and economic maker of cars for everyday drivers. In the early 1980's, Toyota executives came up with the idea to create a luxury line of vehicles that could compete with the world's best. Toyota was strategic in their execution of this project and kept it top secret to the rest of the world until it was time to release the completed vehicle. The clever code name of the project was called F-1, which was formed by combining "flagship" and "number one vehicle." The first finished project was the Lexus LS 400, a vehicle that gave long time loyal Toyota customers a chance to upgrade to the next level. The timing of the project was crucial as fellow Japanese competitor Nissan revealed plans to create its own luxury line known as Infinity.

In order to exactly match the consumer's needs, Toyota did extensive research in the upper class market. Toyota sent a specialized team to Laguna Beach, California, to study the tastes and preferences of upper class American consumers. A special marketing team was implemented and soon after the Lexus line was launched. Currently Lexus has produced an extensive line of sedans, convertibles, and mini SUVs.

If you own a Lexus, are very familiar with the perks and the royal treatment provided by Lexus dealerships. While getting your car serviced, you are treated to a cozy seating area equipped with a full refreshment bar, a putting green, and sometimes even cafes and boutiques. When searching for Lexus insurance, keep in mind that your auto insurance will be directly related to your model. The IS sports model will typically cost more than the ES and GS family sedan models. Remember to contact the most Lexus car insurance companies as you can in order to get the most competitive rate. Lexus auto insurance is generally reasonable due to the reliability and safety of the brand. As with most autos, the more safety feature your Lexus has, the lower your Lexus auto insurance will be.

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