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Land Rover vehicles are in high demand for a reason: in the upper echelon of SUV's, they are high-performance, 4x4, all terrain vehicles designed to go nearly anywhere on land with relative ease. Getting good Land Rover car insurance is as highly sought after as the cars themselves, as anyone driving one wants to help protect a good investment.

The first one rolled out in 1948, designed by the Wilks Brothers and manufactured by Rover Car Company. Currently owned and manufactured by Jaguar Land Rover, the company was founded by British Leyland in 1978, and is the second longest-lived 4-wheel drive model, second to Jeep. Many enjoy the versatility, high-output engine power and other features special to the Land Rover brand. The power take-off (PTO) feature was integral to the Land Rover concept, and allowed the company to quickly shoot past anything else on the roadway.

These are classically, expensive cars to insure, due to the usual SUV size and power issues, most likely. Insurance can come down in price depending on your driving record and age, of course. There are many good places online to get a Land Rover insurance quote. Always be sure to maintain a good driving record to get the best prices on Land Rover car insurance.

UK Department for Transport statistics rate the "Rover" as one of the safest cars on British roadways, which probably helps keep insurance premiums lower. The US J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Survey for 2005, however, rated the Land Rover Marque in last place, after KIA. The Discovery is rated 6th, up from last in a 2002 Auto Express survey. Certain problems related to electrical issues have been addressed since then, so owners of newer models should have little to worry about.

Overall, owning a Land Rover is a mark of both style and substance, along with having the joy which possessing a high-quality vehicle can give. Those who can generally afford to buy new to slightly used Land Rovers (in the $50,000 to $70,000 range) should have no problem paying the somewhat higher premiums that go along with them. You can find used LR's for well under $50,000, however, and like anything that's built to last, you'll still get a quality vehicle for the price.

Most of the major car insurance carriers can give you speedy and accurate quotes, both online and by phone. Be sure to shop around before you commit to a Land Rover car insurance plan for your vehicle. Question your current or potential insurance agent on their knowledge of Land Rovers. Land Rover auto insurance is not only essential due to state laws, but a doubly good idea on such a costly investment.

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