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Land Rover Discovery Auto Insurance

Land Rover Discovery is among the rare breed of award winning SUVs that combine luxury features with off-road ruggedness. Following in the grand traditional of this decade’s old model, the most current model, the Discovery IV, is equipped with everything the vacation family or image conscious professional needs. From desert safety to winter traction, the Discovery IV can do it all. From climbing the rugged mountainous terrain for which the brand is famous, or slogging through the Alaskan tundra on the way to a family getaway or lonely retreat, Land Rovers have got you covered. Built like tanks with more than enough headroom for even the tallest drivers, these sport utility vehicles are among the gold standard of transportation. There is a reason the most famous celebrities, from Jay Z to George Clooney, have been spied in their shiny new Discoveries. With this brand, you’ll always be safe and classy; given its combination of refinement and practical durability. Land Rover Discovery auto insurance is generally affordable, given these qualities.

With a fully independent air suspension system, allowing the ride-height to be altered simply by deflating or pumping up the air bags, you never have to worry about obstacles. Improved handling can be accomplished by being able to raise the vehicle to provide more ground clearance when you’re off-road and lowered again at high speeds. If, for whatever reason, the vehicle’s chassis hits the ground when the suspension is at the off-road height, the system will sense this and will reduce the load on the air springs to raise the vehicle back up an inch to compensate. In the British and European markets, the standard model comes with a coil-spring independent suspension system.

An improved version of the ZF 6-speed automatic/sequential gearbox is now fitted to the highest models, and this includes taller gearing to take advantage of the new engines’ greater torque output and an updated lock-up system to further reduce fuel consumption. Other changes include the fitting of the powerful brakes from the Range Rover Sport and thicker anti-roll bars to improve on-road handling. The electronic handling system has been updated- the Stability Control System now includes a program that detects the onset of under-steer and applies the brakes in emergency situations.

Getting Discovery car insurance quotes is simple. The vehicle is among the safest on the market, and ensuring it is but a short jump to the local office for the usual paper signing. Land Rover Discovery car insurance quotes are relatively predictable, given the car’s well documented history of reliability and consumer safety in even the most serious accidents. Visit to get affordable Land Rover Discovery auto insurance today.

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